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Coders/Developers, quit being so G D lazy 🤦

If you don’t see what’s wrong with this picture…

Then you’re either too new, or you’re part of the problem.

Yes it’s a QoL issue. But it’s an issue that shouldn’t even be an issue that needs to be raised. Yet, because it’s a new mechanic… It’s either not properly thought out…or they simply didn’t feel like coding “the extra work”.

So imo, better not to release new stuff before it’s ready. Than release half assed/broken (ala Lycanthropy) new stuff. 🤷


This is not lazy. To be brutal honest, because thats how I am, this is just ZERO effort put in.

Is the issue that you want it to make 10 purple and 10 blue, as opposed to one or the other? Text could be clearer (what else is new with this game?), but they might not have the space to write “in the event of a tie, only one color will be picked.”

Because if it’s not that, I don’t know what’s going on, as the troop works as described on Xbox (just tested) :man_shrugging:

I assume the issue is not showing what color is most used in the left sidebar with the skulls?


I guess my perspective is off due to my favorite spawner perhaps.

But she’s the standard as far as I’m concerned.


I mean it was probably stupid but I thought “most used mana colour” meant the colour for which the most matches have been made. Poor wording + poor understanding = disaster


My question is: Does this mean the Colour which is used by most allies, or, if you’ve cast eg Mountain Crusher 6 times, then Brown is the “most used” colour?

It’s not well written.


The whole faction is a joke! Most used ally mana color, most used enemy mana color, what is is this dumb shit? Since they are lazy AF I assume the game will simply sum all used mana colors on both team and will choose the highest number.
I doubt they will make a dynamically counting system for this mechanic, or it won’t work for a year at least andit would use a shit ton of resources.

Did a quick test… and it seems random-ish if there’s a team with an equal number of colours.

And then I thought ok what about if you have 13 yellow/green and 6 other colours?

That seems also fairly random, so presumably the 13/2 gets rounded to 6 and they all have an equal chance. Then, surely, having 13 yellow/green, two 6 other cards and one 7 other card would
Favour the 7 every time (ie in my test case you only make blue)…

Nope! I’m still creating random colours. Green in this instance. So wtf. How does this mechanic actually work???


“Most used” as in - highest number of troops that use a particular color, in case of a tie chosen randomly (for example, 3 yellow and 3 green will result in either yellow or green affected).

“Least used” only includes colors that are actually used by a respective team; if none of the troops use a particular color, it is excluded from selection altogether.


Omg that is so ambiguous. Thanks for clarifying.

In a tie, the game rolls on the color when you click your troop. So if you want a specific color and your troop has a bonus multiplier (so, Rock Squid but not Cloakmantle), you can tell look at the bonus to see what it rolled on. Click off and on your troop again to change the color.

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Oh so this was implemented even more cheaply than I suspected!

How can you have 13? You only have four troops on a team, and there are only 6 colors to choose from. On your team, the troops have colors, those are the colors it’s talking about.

I was talking about the mana required to fill ochre jelly. I interpreted the wording “most used mana colour” to refer to how much mana is required for all troops; eg if you had Amarok on the team it would be 8 each of yellow/red/brown. I was wrong apparently :woman_shrugging: