CLIFFY error still showing on switch

It’s been showing the error and locking me out the game for over 24 hours. I messaged support but they’re not updating me.

I’m still getting the error but they’re marking my problem as “solved” on the zendesk support.

Hey there,

Please do not send multiple tickets about the same issue to support. We will answer your original request soon. In the meantime, if you send in additional new tickets about the same issue they are merged into your original request, which is why they appear as closed.

Thanks. It said “solved” after being open for a while, that’s why I thought someone already looked over it.

Yeah sorry, I didn’t realise that when you check the ticket in the Help Center it just says it was closed, I thought it told you it was merged and linked to the ticket it was merged into. I’ll look into that!

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Thank you for telling me what’s going on.

If possible could you please post the error code you’re getting?

The code I’m getting now is cliffy-LBU6OUZBW8