Changes in Guild wars?

If I’m guessing, I’d say there is still a cap, but it will be different than it was. I think there are going to be 5 bonuses modifying the base score, the 50% colour bonus and 4 others, with one of them being the old “still standing” bonus, probably with similar quanta. Hard to say how they’ll measure the other efficiency bonuses, but that’s probably the thing that will be subject to adjustment, though those adjustments will probably have relatively minor effects on the total score. Whatever they’re going to do, it’s going to be relatively simple given how quickly they implemented this.

For damage efficiency, it will probably something like: maximum bonus is 10%, achieved when the player does 100% of the damage inflicted during the match and 0% when the player does none. If the player and AI do equal damage during the match, the bonus is 5%. Same idea for mana efficiency. Speed, I have no idea since I don’t know how speed is being measured, or what scale they would use to measure performance. If loopers are “good fast”, then it might be “win on turn 1” for maximum bonus, with the bonus decreasing on some kind of linear or logarithmic scale for each turn that elapses. If loopers are “bad fast”, then they might do the same thing, but with each cast or player move increasing n rather than the number of turns.

I still cannot log in on GW…

GW should be working now on Mobile.


That’s what they said initially about the GW bracket movement as well. But it turned out to be untrue due to various bugs, and it took far too long to find and fix due to the secrecy. My guild (Hoguns) and Unrepentant had multiple weeks where we were penalized for playing well, rather than being rewarded or coming out on top. History has already shown that a lack of transparency doesn’t work on multiple levels, while cooperation between devs and players does. Hopefully we can learn from the past, rather than repeat the same mistakes…


i think my guild mate already got penalised for playing a perfect gw battle yesterday :sweat_smile:


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