Champion Talent XP nerfed

I didn’t catch the champion XP being at 2 for my main account earlier when doing the Wild Court Quests. But now that I’m on my alt I’m seeing 1 XP for Frost mage Talent. I know the difficulty was changing… But I don’t remember reading anything about the xp changing as well. Is this true for all quests? Is this happening for everyone or did I get the pleasure of finding yet another bug in gems of war?

is it weird that I also didn’t get a TS?

When we’re within a couple of weeks of a new version releasing, sometimes parts of the new version release because the devs still don’t have a way to keep “dev” and “production” separate.

Happy 4.6 preview!

Are they planning to nerf the XP gains?!

I had thought Quests were always 1 XP?

No, they were always 2 XP.


I’m 99% sure though that they gave 2 xp since they weren’t repeatable. (Going off my alts though)

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Pretty sure delves still give 2 exp next patch.

If it does get nerfed, there is something that will offset it next patch.

So they nerfed the - already - most annoying part of the game - grinding for class xp?
They really do everything to make the burnout of their customers become reality.

As far as I can tell they didn’t, I definitely remember having received 1 XP to champion levels for delve quest lines in the past. It’s probably just a matter of alternate realities merging, the lucky guys from the high champion XP reality just recently got moved to our low champion XP reality. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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