Card term glossary: How to read spells

If Hydra is ‘healed’, for example by Emperina’s ability, then the Thousand Bites spell loses its damage boost - as in my terminology above, Current Life equals Maximum Life again.

Note Emperina’s spell also buffs Life, and fully heals. In this case, if Hydra is subsequently damaged, the ‘missing life’ is by comparison to the new buffed Maximum Life total.

Interesting. Thanks again!


One additional comment to share - not new news - but just to note that with increased stats (especially Life) with the new Kingdom bonuses… Hydra is now AWESOME.

(and I so rarely speak in CAPITALS, but this is worth it)

Thanks for the list, but since when is “an ally” ever refer to oneself? I just think that’s a little silly and should be fixed.

Burn - Status Effect that deals three damage to effected troop when control is first passed to you. Can be cleansed, has cumulative chance to wear off.

Update to Poison: Now can kill effected troop if they are at 1 Health.

There are a number of new Troop Types, such as Construct, Monster, and Wildfolk (to name a few) that are not listed here.

I’m continually amazed at Discourse’s ease of necro’ing old threads. :slight_smile:


This is a quite incomplete list, being so outdated only magnifies this as things were added to the game.

I’d take on this project, but I am really busy. Anyone else care to?

If not, I will get around to it eventually (no longer than a week), but if so then let me know. I’d hate to get halfway done and then see it was a waste of time when someone posts it.

I can probably generate this list from the game data files and add it to my site.

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I was actually planning on doing something like this, so I have no problem helping, but I’m only Lvl 29 and started playing on PS4 when I saw an ad for it, so there may be a lot I don’t know.

What do you mean by ‘your site’ though? Is this site no longer the official one, or have they just not been good about updating it? When I look at the Troop List, it seems highly outdated…

My site is here:

I made it as an interim workaround for the official troop list, which is, as you said, very much out of date at this point.

Holy Moo, there are a bunch of weapons and troops on your site that I didn’t have any idea existed!

I’ll have to fav your site when I get home, can’t wait to browse through and plan some decks.

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:heart: doin’ what I can


Well that sounds lovely but a lot of the terms need to be explained. Maybe we can combine our efforts.

You generate the list from the game files (that way we don’t miss any, requiring many edits), send them to me and I’ll fill out the explanations?

Yeah, can do. Right now there’s no means to comment on troops, either. User commentary might be nice, a la wowhead or similar sites, but I’m not sure I want to add credentials and login to my site – makes it a lot more complex.

Plus you’d only want “verified” users making additions and changes otherwise you’d get ripped apart like Wikipedia did back in the day :wink:

Question about Boost Ratio on Merchant Prince. States “Destroy a row and Column. Gain 2 gold, boosted by Red Gems destroyed” Boost ratio: x10. So, if 1 red is destroyed, it’s 2x10 = 20 gold, logic follows if 5 red gems are destroyed, it’s 2x10x10x10x10x10 = 20,000 gold, correct? Also, do I get to pick the row and column destroyed or is it random?

Well that’s a heck of a necro bump. ;p

All boosts are calculated as their own thing, then added. Merchant Prince gains “[Magic + 1] Gold, boosted by Red Gems destroyed. [10x]”. So it’s:

(Magic+1) + (# Red Gems destroyed * 10)

If the base amount is 2 gold (1 Magic +1), and you destroy 3 red gems (3*10), you’d gain 32 gold.

It’s the same behaviour for anything that’s “boosted”, too. So if an Astral Spirit deals “[Magic + 2] damage, boosted by gems removed [3:1]”, then that’s (Magic+2) + (# Gems Removed / 3), etc. etc.

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Thanks! Had to look up what necrobump was, sorry! Just joined the forum and don’t know how to start a new thread, just searched for boost ratio. Guess Merchant Prince isn’t as great as I’d hoped! (Like my version better, don’t you?)

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I feel that Community Guides are fairer game for Necro bumps as a lot of the time their information is still relevant.

@fairmoor when I rejoined the game after a 4 month break last year I made the same mistake as you with Grand Inquisitor :stuck_out_tongue: But yes, it works as @Amadan (who is named Chrono in my head thanks to the avatar :stuck_out_tongue: ) detailed.