Can we get Soulforge as its own button, pls?

I know you heard a lot already but if I can direct you to watch Tacet videos on YouTube lot of knowledge to digest :v:

1/17 seems about right to me.

Let’s make it 1/20 to make it more conservative, and talk about legendaries rather than mythics to be more charitable.

20 battles per stone, with 16 needed. A decent Explore team chews through battles in about 10 seconds. Let’s make that 15, in case some people are slower and/or to account for server connection time.

20•16•15 = 4800 seconds, which is only 80 minutes — or, roughly an hour-and-a-half.

A new legendary is added to the game once every two weeks or so (the faction legendary, as well as the monthly event troop release), so to keep up a person only needs to spend about an hour a week farming for traitstones.

Of course a person would have to exceed this number to catch up if they’re not already caught up, but let’s not pretend as if the people who think farming traitstones is manageable don’t have jobs or other aspects to their lives outside Gems of War.

Thanks PeperandSalt

I’ve watched a few Tacet videos but they themselves are very time consuming. It’s just watching a guy play the game and chat while he’s doing it. Or are there others that are more focused? Some condensed instruction would be more on point.

If you have some specific ones in mind, please let me know.

Thanks, Ubik

And thanks for everyone’s responses. My takeaway is that Soulforge is a very expensive way to level up in the game and we’re better off playing to get what we need instead. I’ll be more judicious about its use.


You must be a busy man like me. What I was suggesting about tacet is to watch only few of his videos not all the streams :grimacing: he got some good videos on farming resources, top troops to accent or traits, kingdoms ect and if I can remember they are shorter Than his normal videos, and if m not wrong again I think he put a time stamp so ppl can skip to the part they want watch.
It’s been time since I’ve wanted Tacet but I learned a lot When o was @ baby lvl

Exactly. Busy but getting more into the game, so efficiency becomes more important. Also realizing that there’s a large community out there and you don’t have to figure everything out for yourself.

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