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Can someone explain skills leveling after 100th level with Classes?

So my Hero got to 100 and I started working seriously through the classes (getting them to 20th level) - BEFORE I switched into them. I am doing this now because oddly enough I had gotten my Hero to 100 playing the Warrior Class and wasn’t really paying attention to the leveling of my skills and noticed recently I’m still at base that I have been at for a VERY long while

But when I went to switch to first level Assassin at 104 level - my skill numbers changed - figured that out quickly why.

However as I worked my way up to 139 (three skills upgrade points (110, 120,130 by my calculations) and leveled up my Assassin to 20th level my skill bases hasn’t increased (without the class). Been holding at 7 / 11 / 5 / 17.

Does working on Classes stop the standard increase or what? If I didn’t have a class would I still be increasing my skill bases? Did I manage to munge improving base before switching to my next class completely?

thanks in advance for answers.

No, leveling up a class doesn’t stop the progression of your base stats. Class stats are just added to your base stats.


Ahhh so at 100 I have to get to 200 for the next base skill leveling?

I still must be missing something - because I went against someone who basically was my clone and he had 36 Shield /28 Life and he wasn’t fully traited nor bonused that I could see

More specifically, the following stat gains are known. (If anyone has a complete list, I’d be very interested to know what the gain is between 1 and 50, and at what exact levels your character card becomes Rare, Ultra-Rare, Epic, and Legendary!)


No, to order the known milestone levels:

50: +1 Magic (card becomes Epic)
60: +1 Life
70: +1 Armor
80: +1 Attack
90: +1 Life
100: +1 Magic (card becomes Legendary)
150: +1 Armor
200: +1 Life
300: +1 Attack
400: +1 Armor
500: +1 Magic (card becomes Mythic)
750: +1 Life
1000: +1 Attack

Somewhere in there, your card probably becomes Epic and Legendary (I am assuming at around levels 100 and 250, but I have no data on that at all).
Edit: Added in thresholds at 50 and 100 based on comments below.


He may have had kingdom bonuses. If you level a kingdom to 10 (which requires 122,500 gold per kingdom), you’ll unlock a permanent stat point for all your troops. Additionally, if you can 5-star a kingdom’s power level (which requires considerably more investment), you’ll double that stat gain to 2 points. Your opponents likely have some kingdoms leveled that you don’t. See http://ashtender.com/gems/kingdomtable for details on which kingdom provides which stats.

Additionally, he may have troops in his team that have “xxx Bond,” “xxx Heart,” “xxx Spirit,” or “xxx Brand” traits unlocked, which will boost Life, Magic, or Attack stats during a given fight. On top of that, kingdom bonuses and type bonuses will give even more stats.

If we go by the colours that appear in the guild roster, our hero cards become Epic purple around level 50 and definitely turn Legendary gold at Level 100.

When we had a Level 1000 player tas12k join the guild recently, I noticed his card colour was Mythic blue.

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Mythic Hero status is earned at level 500, a considerable leap from the previous level 100 Legendary I must say.


Your hero getting rarity each time he get a magic as a level up.50 epic-100 legendary-500 mythic,and i dont know when you got the first 2 magic.