Campaign Stars Resetted to Zero after getting unbanned

Thanks Hayabusa for the info,
I hope things might go in order as you have explained.

Should I write a ticket, or will it fix itself?

Its known issue by Nimhaim herself. She stated sadly that they will need more people on their team to fix it.

I took a ticket .

Campaign is my favorite thing on Mondays in GoW.

Why is everything even reset to 0? It doesn’t make sense.

If they unban, players deserve their stuff back. If they don’t, it doesn’t matter.

Very odd.

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Mine is at 0 again too. But at least I can play again after 70ish hours. Unfortunately I bought the kingdom pass a while ago and probably won’t reach the mythic troop now.

I wouldn’t worry about that. It’s just one more thing they’ll need to fix.

I just hope they’ll do it before gw. :sweat_smile:


Another odd thing, people are at different artifact levels even at the same 100 stars.

And not a single official sorry or the 500k+ trophies gone from the guilds. I expected one the day after xmas but they are still on holiday. Excuse me!!
Dont want to mess that up while your game goes up in smoke. This is what happens when you make troops after troops and don’t test them. Its bad business. Hope your game lasts through the year. Or next update will include pay per battle now rest asured to pay for all these overtime messups

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It is very early morning on the 27th over there right now, and many are probably still on vacation as planned.

Me personally, I’d prefer them to fix things first. Apologies can come later.

Not sure if anyone is still banned but all of us who got unbanned lost campaign stars, ice crystals, and trophies. I want all these things to be restored asap.

Then we can talk compensation and how this could even have happened since they told us every ban was manually approved when it clearly wasn’t and how sorry they are.

I understand you wanting an apology. I expect one as well - but first things first.

It’s ok if it just takes a few more days. But if we get screwed over and don’t get the mythic (and other stuff) we paid for, it’s a whole other story. :thinking:

Getting trophies restored on a mass scale imo will never get resolved. Our guild was part of getting trophies resolved once and it took months and ultimately they had the dev jump into the guild with a +1 or 31/30 members and gift us the trophies because it had never been done before so with over 100+ guilds having this issue and the developers having so much problems trying to return us the trophies, i can’t wait to see how they solve this one.


Not restoring them would cause as much trouble if not more than the mass banning in the first place.

We’re 2nd in leaderboards on Xbox, almost every top guild except the 1st has been stripped of several 100.000 trophies. Basically all our trophies from the last 6 months have been gone. Without getting them back, 1st place is out of reach again. It wasn’t before the bans took place.

When and how trophies will be restored we’ll see. But it’s undeniable that they have to be restored sooner or later.

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Luckily trophies isn’t of the much concern for us - but it sucks for the guilds who do care and are affected.

I hope they’ll resolve campaign and ice crystals first to be honest as the first affects stuff many of us paid for and also gw, the second will end at some point soon - and I’d like to have my crystals back before the battle phase ends just so I don’t end up with crystals I can’t spend or overbuying. :sweat_smile:

If for some odd reason they can’t restore our points (which they should be able to, I think they sent us points in the mail once when there was a bug - maybe someone can confirm) they would need to send us our items in the mail.

I doubt that will be necessary, though.

Somewhere I’ve read that the store will be open for a while after the event has ended. For people to spend their last ice crystals. Don’t know if it’s true though.

I can confirm that they are able to restore stars. I don’t know whether this manual or automated but happened to me before.

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Mine was reset at zero as well… And I bought the elite plus pass… I better get EVERYTHING in the rewards tab if this isn’t settled by the end of the campaign.

It’s in the update patch notes.

Still, hopefully they can send it out before then because the event requires a bit of planning if you don’t want to overspend.

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Yes, true. It is open for one week after battle phase ends.

But unless we get our points back before that we can’t plan. We may end up with (in my case 95) crystals we can’t spend. Or if we calculate that we get them and plan accordingly and don’t get them, we may end up 95 short for something we want.