Calling all trophy hunters! Madd House Gang (rank 2 on Xbox) is recruiting! Minimum Requirements: 2,000,000 gold 1500 seals 1500 trophies. GW is optional

A hardcore trophy oriented guild. We reach 40,000 seals and complete all basic/epic tasks plus 30+ LTs every week. Guild Wars optional, must use at least your free sigils in all other guild events. We unlock all reward stages in every guild event. Level 1000+ is preferred, but we are willing to accept a lower level if you can do our requirements. If you are interested in joining this very competitive, friendly and helpful guild, please message SPECTREON or Drove Crazy on Xbox. Serious inquiries only!



Are you still looking for new members?


Please message Madd Hurricane if you are seriously interested. Thank you

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Unfortunately we are full at the moment, but I can put you on our waiting list if you’d like. Please message me on Xbox at: Madd Hurricane.

We are looking for some big time trophy hunters! Tons of rewards. If interested, message me on Xbox at: Madd Hurricane.

We have 1 spot available! Message me on Xbox at Madd Hurricane if interested.

1 spot is available now! Message the Guild Master on Xbox at Queen 0f Oz if interested. That’s 0f with a zero.

Madd House Gang #2 on xbox is currently recruiting. Lots of LTs 2mil gold, 1500 Seals, 1500+ trophies PM gamertag Drove Crazy or Spectreon if interested