👀 *Burning Legends* Rang 5 guildwars group 1, 30/30 but have space on the waiting list for strong players level 1000+ | we complete all seals/tasks/portals and a lot legendary tasks every week finished wanna join? message me:)

about us

We will complete all tasks on Monday. So waving to you each week about lots legendary tasks. The seals also reach the maximum with us.In the raidboss and invasion we actually always close all portal. In the guild wars we are currently in Group 1. Questions can be asked in our ps4 community. But also new features in the game are discussed there and tips and tricks can be found there and pet group.


In return, we expect a few things from you as well. So you should be at least level 1000+, throw 1,600,000 gold into the guild pot per week, create 500 trophies and all guild events must be activerly played.Guild Wars play every day we expect at least 45000 points and minimum Guardians level 4.

Now if you think we can be the guild you’ve been looking for, then message ndhcity1 if you interested. If not, we still wish you a lot of fun in the game. :gem_red::gem_red:


Bumping for a great group of players. Congrats on taking 16th!

Keep up the great work and good luck my friends! :+1:

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Thank you my friend, you are also a great troupe :slight_smile:

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BL is the strongest Guild on PS4 with requirements but i love it.
Join us guys :slight_smile: