Bug Report, I hope this is the right forum, sorry m in a rush right now

Hello Quality Control Department,

                             I am an amature game tester, there are screen shots enclosed please view.

I am also interested in any “home software”, I can volunteer to test for you and game BETA’s.


Every few weeks or so I send out numerous bugs I found to Quality Control teams of software an video games that I have found, for some reason I find more than the average.

This Issue: I won a couple games, but the CPU still has a Character Alive.

Product name: Gems of War(PS4)
Date and time: January 20th, 2017
Title of bug: Enemy alive and I still win.
Bug description: I won a couple games, but the CPU still has a Character Alive.

View Proof: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YjTS3tb5i5U

And of coarse you may use my name and images in your various publications and medias.

PSN ID:HandyRandy4

Thanks , have a nice day.

There is the link for console bug



@handyRandy4 The bug with the opponent AI team having a troop spawn (from being immortally resurrected or otherwise) after one’s victory win has been reported in various team configurations.

I don’t think anyone here is doing a formal game review of bugs for a major videogame publication, if that’s what you mean by giving permission to use your name and imagery. :wink:

Nevertheless, the Infinity+2 developers and QA team have stated that they are always highly appreciative of video proof of GoW’s game glitches.

And yes Rickygervais’ posted link is the Official thread for reporting these issues for consoles.

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