Bounty Weekend - Ice Orca

lol, but I’m impatient!



I haven’t let any ravens escape. I have 4 sigils left. I’ll get 4 more sigils tomorrow and Saturday. That’s 12 sigils extra I have. I could probably skip Tier 6 and only buy Tier 5 and deal with 22 points and then I would finish a bit later. However, I want to level up my kingdoms as quickly as possible and I don’t want to waste ascension orbs.

I have so many gems I don’t know what to do with them all – I’ve spent THOUSANDS of gems just buying pet baskets and guaranteed pets. Gems mean nothing once you’re end game and you’re collecting 200+ gems a day just from tributes.


As a fellow end gamer kingdom blocked by so many pets, I am jealous of your gem stash. :sob:

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I’m at total pet level 2390 and I have 31,611 gems.

Do you make many purchases or are you just good at saving?

Damn. My pet level is 1705. My hero is level 1405. I have only 2,535 gems. JEALOUS. GIMMIE.

I think (@igniteice and others can correct me if I’m wrong) that these high gem stash players are those in active endgame guilds. GW provides a good number. For guild events, if everyone pulls their weight, it is pretty cheap.

My guild isn’t at the point where everyone can pull their weight so I tend to buy a lot of tiers. Starting to do that less lately though. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I have every kingdom maxed, so my gems from tributes are highest possible, and on weekdays, I collect ~14 tributes (on weekends ~10-12). At ~20 gems on average (sometimes 13, sometimes 27), that’s ~1840 gems per week just from clicking tributes. Then there are the daily gems from adventure board, gems from guild tasks, gems from treasure vaults (I killed over 5000 gnomes during last event and I have 24 Gnome-a-Palooza stocked for the next vault weekend).

The only purchase I make is for Adventure. In previous adventures, I’ve always bought the $10 one. This time I purchased $25 one because they increased the awards. I feel like $25 every 11 weeks isn’t too bad. That’s 32 cents a day.

I always buy the minimum needed for completing guild events (I check the forum page for it where other players do the math on the minimum each guild member needs). I do spend more gems if we need to complete something, but it’s very rarely a problem.


I think I need 3 sets of bounty. 1 per day.