Bone Dragon: The Game next update?

There hasn’t been any news about mobile Updates or known issues that I can find, except Guild Wars sneak peaks (with no target for that). There’s specific talk about console 2.2.

The last mobile update was Dec.

I’m not suggesting they should come out with one tomorrow (although if they only patched Bone Dragon, I would be happy with that, just to relieve boredom), but I was hoping they could at least talk about the when/what of the next update.

If they have fixes to bugs and balance issues, I’d rather they publish when they are ready, rather than wait to bundle it with Guild Wars, which will almost certainly need additional fixes and balances of its own.

Setup a 1-troop defense and move on.

When people start asking you why you’re not fielding a defense team that helps the community with the weekly event, point them back to this thread.

Or anything with low score. Low score also works. Using untraited troops is worth 1800 score points than a fully traited team. Using a full level 5 untraited team is worth less score points than a single fully traited, ascended level 20 troop. I’m using four Tankbots this week to split the difference (level 20, untraited, gets me to around 7700 score). Going too low on score makes me see a lot of single troop defenses on my three trophy myself, which is becoming kind of irritating too. Especially when they put up a double-event boosted single troop that you can’t just easily clear out with empowered damage. I’d rather fight a full team at that point.

The devs have said that the Bone Dragon change is going to come with Guild Wars, and that the ROUGH dates are Late March / Mid April.

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[In regards to Late March / Mid April]

Unfortunately I don’t have any level 5 troops nor do I have very many that are un-traited.