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Big list of color counter Troops and Weapons

How about we try to find out what others think then we we’ll collectively make a choice. We can look at a lot of things and make choices like Desdaemona for example. Carnex being used to clear Skulls and re-fill the board/team after a BD cast is another example. There’s definitely lots of room for different opinions and good discussion.

13 blue frost sword X damage to first enemy, triple if they use red mana.

13 green nature sword triple vs brown

13 red fire sword triple vs green

13 yellow light sword triple vs purple

13 purple dark sword triple vs yellow

13 brown stone sword triple vs blue

Thank you.

thanks krudler great help

It was mostly everybody else from the other thread and now here, I just whipped it all into a table and added a few upgrades :slight_smile:
Thanks, I humbly tip my fedora and curl my movember

Thank you. Perfect and really needed. :sunglasses:
If you want to include weapons that explode certain colored gems, there is also to mention the Mountain Crusher.

Excellent, thank you! It looks like it is the only one with both :crossed_swords: and :boom:

It’s ok that you include color exploders, since it often removes more gems than new ones fall in the board. Also good to show them with an explode icon. Nice work.

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Thank you :slight_smile: Since Pinchy came out of a Glory Chest for me the other day I’ve been using Poison Master to Explode Greens. Then I moved on to check out some other Explode Troops like Azura, etc as I assembled this list. I observed through many battles how clearly they function as Color counters so I left them in. I figure people can just ignore or not use what they feel doesn’t work for them.

Yes, using Herdmaster on a yellow day teaches you how much of a yellow counter he really is, the hard way :cry:


Lol did you counter yourself?

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It’s kinda hard using a yellow team when you keep exploding all the Yellow, you begin to notice that your troops are very slow to fill despite using a mass exploder. And after a couple of Herdmaster’s casts you end up with a board with no yellows. You need a yellow gem spawner to use Herdmaster effectivelly IMO, like Queen aurora or sehkma.

Edit: Clockwork Knight and Desert Mantis can also do the job

Nice post! Thanks for picking up my post and maintaining it, I took a huge break and couldn’t do it myself =)


I kept it warm for … what 5 days and you’re back!

Grab the ASCII from the Google Doc and set it on your old thread then I will request this be deleted.

No-no, I don’t want to maintain this list. I’m too laaaazy haha =)
Your list is better.

Not biting hey…


lol :laughing:

Added Mammoth


What about Tyri, who can remove any selected color?

Also, dragonmoth explodes red if there are 13 or more

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I’ll add those in, thanks

Thanks for maintaining the guide Krudler
Good job!

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