Beta testers, becoming one

How do I become a beta tester?

everyone who plays this game is a beta tester :sunglasses:


When they need tester they usually post in the forum

There is an example (this one is done don’t apply)

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Thanks Ricky, I will look for the next invitation

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Keep in mind (to the best of my knowledge) beta testing is only done on PC and Android devices. They want to test on iOS devices, but so far haven’t been able to do so.

As mentioned above, every now and then we do run a community beta test. To do this we typically find out what devices we need to test on and then recruit players from there. :slight_smile:

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Ps4? I’d love to do that if it was ever possible salty.

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I was thinking the same, only xbox. I mean, someone’s gotta test consoles, right?

This just cannot be said enough…:slight_smile:


I’m curious, what kind of features have the beta testers ever tested?

In my short career as a player, it seems every feature has been a shock to the players, the testers included.

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My limited experience is that the beta testers are used to check for bugs in a mostly feature-complete build. I+2 doesn’t seem to solicit player input during the design phase of development while things are more fluid. I’m not even sure if they should; I don’t know enough about the games industry to say if this is a good/neutral/bad decision on their part.

Edit: I feel like I need to add something. Even though I+2 doesn’t specifically ask for player input, players seem more than happy to give that input. They’ll gladly pontificate about any feature hinted at by the devs on a stream or mentioned in global chat. Perhaps this is how the developers gauge player reactions to potential features.

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In the game betas that I have participated in, the devs didn’t involve beta testers in the development phase. But, they did let beta testers test new mechanics and builds before they went live so they could catch bugs.

what is the use of beta testers?
with each release of bugs. testers do not test anything, or developers have recruited incompetent testers.
there are no localization testers (often you have to “break your eyes” from localization)
the localizer does not seem to play the game and is bullied

sorry for my english

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What is the point of having Police when most people aren’t caught when they break the law?
What’s the point of having doctors if people are going to still get sick and die?
My point is…
Though bugs slip past the devs, and then past the beta testers. Without the second line of defense, there would be a lot more bugs present in the game after updates. Keep in mind all the beta testers do the work for free. And have real life/jobs to attend to.


That said, this “beta tester” would appreciate if the devs could do more with that group. I’m feeling woefully underused, but that may be because I’m on iOS.

I doubt they ever had beta testers with the amount of bugs I have seen in this game since 2 years on xbox.
And cherry on the cake, since many months, the french version of the game is just a catastrophe. Troops still in english, troops wrongly translated (gargantaur,skadi). Many menu of the game still in english.
As I never received an answer about that from Saltypatra, I arrive to the conclusion she dont care about french speaking customers.
No surprises I stopped completely the support of this game since months.

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Consoles aren’t beta tested by players. I imagine all of your issues with Translations will be fixed with the next update.

Wouldn’t be an issue if you got an Android. :wink:

Future will tell. But I have a bad feeling as some issues were reported since 3 updates and are still here. (Tuskar or some daily tasks for ex.)
The main problem for me is when troops like Gargantaur or Skadi are translated with their old previously planned power! In overall I see more translation problems since some months than before.

I play on Mobile platform. I would love to become a beta tester. I play daily all the time.