Best chance for mythic?

which chest is better for going for the 4 hoursemen? VIP or gem chest?

Per chest, VIP. But it’s technically better with Gem due to the amount you can get compared to the price of the VIP chests.

thats my dilema. + gem chest has a 10x bonus to mystic but im not sure of the chance for VIP

its still vip if u compare chance with gem cost. but just for mythics

those rates for every mythic the same:

10x the chance of a glory key. You have about a better chance with gem keys cumulatively as the percentage adds up vs price.

5 x 450 gems >> 250 gem chests x10 chance
vs 1x 2250 gems >> 50 vip chests x100 chance

to me the vip chance higher is obvious

should i get the chests now with only death or should i wait to be able to have a chance to get all 4 in 50 chests? i guess the better question is will all 4 horsemen be in the VIP chest with all legendaries? or is death the only 1 going into the VIP chest?

it really depends what you’re after. personally i think death isn’t that great, i would rate famine higher. but if you are targeting death then you should definitely go for him when he’s the only one available.

otherwise you might be unlucky like some of us and get 3x WAR.

right now in the chests is abynissia, i think she is pretty cool and worth it, but cannot tell what will be next month, maybe better maybe worse

edit: scrap it, i forgot its a ps4 thread, no idea what u got there in the chests, the thread i linked was i think from the time when death came to mobile/pc version but we always had all the mythic at same rates for glory gem and vip chests respectively so i think it should be the same with xbox, not sure

death is also cool unit if u like randomity and/or the necromancy (i actually want death and abynissia ugh…)