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I wish u changed the colours of the bosses so they would be easier to memorize for me which one I need to attack (I have terrible memory but still) Overall like the event though

@Jeto @OminousGMan @Kafka Please answer the question about Hawthorne. Do we continue to spend our keys looking for Hawthorne, or is he not in the chests?


Where did Hawthorn first appear? I did not pay for the pass and have him at Mythic x4. I do remember spending event keys when Nexus was ones available.

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Same and hes mythic x1 for me

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He was the guide during the first (and only) Journey event.


Hawthorn isn’t listed folks. :person_shrugging:

I’m sorry but you probably won’t get an answer until next week, it’s already weekend where the devs are.

The working times are 7:45am till 8:10am mondays to make an event announcement.

So what? He should have been in chests long before now. Check screenshot above.


People are posting how Hawthorn isn’t in chests despite clearly being left out.

The devs didn’t stick to something they said they would do months ago. Is that news to any veteran players?

Someone could perhaps post a bug report if we are sure that Hawthorn isn’t in chests still?

Would hopefully get more attention than just tagging the support team members here.

Hey all,

Chasing up Hawthorn with the team at the moment. I mentioned he was expected 3-4 Weeks after the Nexus event, but don’t believe we had shared any update in a blog since.

Once I have some more information, I’ll return to share!

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:


Hawtorn is not a kingdom pass troop. It was given from event shop, hence it should appear in chests in December.


What’s the difficulty in checking if there’s a Hawthorn in the chests? Especially since it’s already obvious he’s not there. All that remains is to answer the question why. I hope this time is spent discussing compensation for players who have spent thousands of keys searching for Nexus cards. Shouldn’t be a problem with that, it’s not an Arachnaean Weaver after all.

This is one of those “fun” weeks where the defense has better synergy than the troops we are forced to use.
Thanks devs for continuing to ignore feedback and just piling on the restrictions while players are quitting the game in droves.

But you’re like this “:person_shrugging:” when the publisher asks why you’re daily player numbers are dropping.

Must be covids fault…:roll_eyes:

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Current numbers look quite stable to me

Steam only:

Cheers, Gary.


Scales matter though :see_no_evil:

(same website)


Here’s the android figures if anyone is curious


5k in Android, 2.5k in Steam… are we saying that there are tens of thousands in iOS to explain the PvP ranks? Or are some other platforms/arithmetics in the mix?
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Don’t know about Android, but the Steam charts are ‘average concurrent players per day’ (~1650 over the past 30 days, ~2400 concurrent players peak). The total number of active players is likely a multiple (3x? 4x?) of that.


Playtracker estimates about 110k total players, don’t know if unique or not.

Cheers, Gary.