Balance Change: Dragon’s Eye

Ok Donald :ok_hand::joy:

I’ve seen many people using Staff of Visions to great effect, aside from Runeforger and Skeleton Key.

I have to say that dragon’s eye doesn’t scare me that much anymore. It even helps me to win a match :slight_smile: in all seriousness… I think it is now a slightly useless weapon especially if an opponent like me used to be a dragon player with all the dragons levelled and traited.

Fire Ruby Staff (or whatever it’s called) and Orb of Winter are useful in some quick explore teams, but you’re absolutely right. People got used to DE being OP, and now that it’s balanced/on par with other things, it feels like it’s useless.

I’d actually argue that in terms of Delves + PvP, it’s perfectly balanced now. It helps with Delves (transforming Impervious/Indigestable troops for Irongut, which are almost always in 4th slot) while not being OP in PvP the way it was.

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I agree, works great in the mouse men delve.