Balance Change: Dragon’s Eye

They “balanced” it because the transform is annoying in PvP, but didn’t buff the “destroy gems” so it’s now also useless in PvE, as most boss who is immune to Transform also stays in last position.

“Some bosses in a few game modes are immune to transform, therefore this is useless.”



Trying to fight with bot thousands times stronger than you and you’d understand.

I do. Next?

I guess everyone forgets, that we are talking about a mythic classweapon here. With that “nerf” it took any sense of that weapon and is even dangerous for the user now (best example When Dragons Eye get nerfed that much ).

A perfect nerf would be, that you make it similar like other transformtroops: destroy X gems and a chance of 40% to transform a random enemy into a baby Dragon.

Since it would be pretty luckbased, a lot of players will not use this weapon in defense anymore. So win- win for everyone.


Well that didn’t take long. (I stand behind my response @Rickygervais)

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The only one’s who cried are the 100 people in that thread, who wanted that weapon nerfed, because they weren’t able to find any solution.
It’s still a puzzlegame. So is it our problem, that they couldn’t rush their PvP fights in 10 seconds?

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There was no winning move here.
Dragon’s Eye was a bad situation that the devs should’ve handled months ago. It would’ve been perfectly acceptable to remove the item from the game until it could be reworked, because it completely broke their design for a challenging game mode.

Instead, they tried to do the right thing and made a small nerf. That small nerf was hailed as something that would make it useless, I saw plenty of rent garments in response. Then people figured out it was still pretty powerful for Delve and moved on. Then people figured out that, combined with some new troops, the weapon upgrade system, and the hero class updates, it made a fabulously annoying troll defense for PvP and GW.

So let’s be clear: because the devs decided to be “nice” to players, they made it worse. Dragon’s Eye was only a tiny bit less effective for Delve, but also went from “somewhat useless” in PvP/GW to “an effective defense”. To be fair, if you take away weapon upgrades, or you take away some cheap brown-generating troops, or you take away the Stealthy and Backup hero talents, all of this falls apart. It’s still great for Delve and it goes back to “useless” in PvP.

But the initial problem from the dev perspective was that the weapon trivialized Delve. So it’s logical the devs aren’t going to make a move against it that doesn’t also dramatically change its significance for Delve.

That is to say: they put Dragon’s Eye back where it was. I think it’s actually more interesting than it used to be, but “interesting” need not mean “powerful”. It’s no longer as large a threat to PvP/GW, and Delvers now have to approach their problems differently.

It is never a good thing when there is one solution to every problem in a game like this. This is a game that asks you to spend years, not months and is not ashamed of that. So I cannot feel sympathy for people who are upset that they can’t beat its highest-challenge mode in weeks.

The devs have hinted they aren’t happy with the challenge level of Delve. When they are not happy with stuff, it changes. The devs are also very slow to change things. So maybe put some big kid pants on, collaborate on non-DE teams for Delve, and wait a few months to see what the devs come up with.


The devs made it a problem for GW by “fixing it” so that it wasn’t so dominate in the Delves.
No one had an issue with DE prior.
You aren’t in bracket 1, so you don’t care about bracket 1.
Just like I don’t care about people complaining about a needed change.
My apologies to the devs, you truly can’t please everyone.


The only problem i had with DE was in gw
Cause transform counted as a kill so when DE go crazy and transform 4 of your troop in a row, you could see your points drastically drop


How can anyone complain about changes to Dragon’s Eye… Well done Devs.


I Agree…

As much as I know such a kill doesn’t directly factor into GW scoring at all. Your score changes (among others) due to dealing damage and receiving damage. Anything that outright removes a troop is a zero damage move, so it just gets ignored in the whole damage ratio calculation. You get bonus points for the number of troops still around at the end of the battle, not penalty points for the number of troops that died during the battle.

As an interesting side effect, using instant kill, devouring or, to a lesser extent, true damage troops on your side reduces your overall damage potential, possibly lowering your score.

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I swore ages ago someone confirmed that killing a troop with true damage netted you the full damage potential of armor + life destroyed. No idea where that is now or who had confirmed it. The others though definitely reduce damage potential.

DE is completely out of balance compared to any other weapon in the PVP aspect of the game. The rework is a must. Also having Blessed block transformation is the way to go, job well done Devs.


I think if we rework DE then we should also rework the other 19 class weapons.

I think people are falling prey to cognitive bias and placing a lot of importance on DE because it was broken and now it’s not. That’s making people irrationally say “it’s out of whack compared to other class weapons.”

Stop for a minute. How many other class weapons can you name that you use regularly? Here’s my list:

  • Runeforger
  • Skeleton Key

Skeleton Key is extremely powerful. Runeforger has a niche that is irrelevant to this discussion. What’s important here is out of 19 other class weapons, 2 are powerful enough that I know what they do.

So if we want to “rework DE so it’s inline with MYTHIC CLASS WEAPONS”, which does sound like it should be important, we should keep in mind the range of “what other weapons in this class do” includes “Summon a random Daemon”. That’s the toilet flush of class weapon abilities.

Heck, I even take offense to “out of balance compared to any other weapon in the PvP aspect of the game.” Do you use hero weapons at all? If I sat down to make the list of “important weapons in this game” I’d be surprised if I dug up 20. There are 276 weapons in the game. That makes less than 10% of all weapons relevant.

Take a deep breath and be objective. A better statement is, “There is a small number of weapons that are completely overpowered when compared to the average power level of other weapons in their class. DE used to be one of those, but now it’s not.”

That doesn’t mean DE needs to be bumped again. It means for “balance” to be restored we need to nerf:

  • Divine Protector
  • Dawnbringer
  • Rope Dart
  • Flammifer
  • Skeleton Key
  • Runeforger
  • Mountain Crusher
  • Jar of Eyes
  • Guardian Crown
  • Probably 5 or 6 more.

Does that sound like a good road to you? I don’t think it does.


It may not be the nerf you wanted, but it’s the nerf we deserve.

(Some of us with the scout ability avoided teams to fight in pvp because of Dragon’s Eye)

This takes around 10 15 minutes. getting around 72 points with dragon eye

Now go and fix this you amateur AGAIN lol

That feels like a pretty bad deal. You could just PvP for 15 minutes without using Dragon’s Eye, yields roughly the same number of event points, plus a pile of trophies, glory, gold, traitstones and champion XP.

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Ok Donald :ok_hand::joy: