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Back once again

Lvl1072 returning player, have been top 10 guild in the past. Not sure of my intending activity so looking for casual guild about 100 trophies /week. Give me a shout.

Hi, we are looking actually for one Player:

If you don’t want the hassles of playing in a high rank Guild, Troublesomestrumpett have one place left…

we are bunch of casual and active players, check my announcement:

Next week is guild wars week - your experience (and strong troops) would help us progress.


The druids family would love to have you all ourguilds are pretty casual. We have Druidshaven,druidsquest,druidsvale, and druidsglade. There are recruiting threads in the recruitment section of the forum you can check out to see if one of our guilds would fit your needs.

Hello. Guild HEROES UNITED is loking for members. Is a casual guild with 100 trophies requirements.
Visit us and see if you like us.

If you haven’t found a guild yet. This one sounds like a great fit for your style of play.

I think you shared the wrong link…

Probably … I am really bad at this. Will delete right away. Thanks

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Hi, loads of offers here right?
Here one more for the maximum casual experience (except GWs … we try our best there… ).