As Requested by a Dev: A Thread about Devs' Actions/Inactions

Unless and until Epic Vault key rewards are increased significantly, I kind of don’t care that I’ve never received one.

As it stands, it’s quite possible to get a reward from an Epic Vault key that’s worse than the haul from a regular Vault key, and that just seems nutty to me.

They should raise the minimum drop rates from the Epic Vault keys so that they are always better than the maximum drop from a regular Vault key. Otherwise, there’s no point in chasing them, or worrying about it.


But ins’t the whole OBJECTIVE of the official forums to provide an official channel for communication and to get feedback? What some could interpret with the current situation exposed is that now they are only listening to the feedback of a hand picked portion of the players and just as well playing favorites towards the beta testers.

If Salty and Kafka would have posted in the forums about the drop rate being increased it would be supported by the data collected.


Very much so, and this is not unprecedented: we are fortunate to have Lyrian transcribe some of the official information released only during certain Streams; people in our guilds who do not frequent the Forums are fortunate to have forum members who will inform them what is the scoring system in World Events…

A relevant distinction though: in both examples above, the information is publicly available, so anyone could theoretically access it if they so wish. This is not the case for anything disclosed to closed groups.

We were fortunate that a member of that closed group shared some of that information (even if s/he felt that his good faith sharing of information was somehow twisted negatively): the fact that the situation exists at all reflects on the company’s professionalism, not on the beta testers.

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It was looked at, they adjusted. End of discussion. No special treatment.

Maybe if people asked nicely in the forums, without throwing shade, they might get answers. But that never seems to happen sadly.

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Going to disagree with you this one time. I have no issues with the adjustment, and even the lack of communication about it (would have preferred something of course, but whatevs). But. The evidence at the moment is very strongly pointing towards the drop rate still not being what is advertised. I think final clarification on the matter is really required and the radio silence from The communication Team makes communication, well, non-existent.


The players often inquire because, as we know, sometimes the chances/drop rates were implemented in the wrong way. Just like when Kurandara and Heart of Rage were wrongly added to the chests.

The main issue with this so far is that the drop rate was advertised to be somewhere around 10% and so far it doesn’t seems to be the case.

Using misdirection and blaming the players for not having sensible information in the official channels… Does anyone need to be even more polite that this to get an answer?

The rest of Mithran’s post is quite extensive, but very on point on the matter.


lol are you aware that the devs said the drop rate of Epic vault keys was 10% ? The reality is around 0.5 to 1%.
Maybe you dont really understand binomial probabilities but imagine that for all the hardcore players (collecting this week end around 40 to 60 Vault keys) who got 0 epic vault keys, its expected to have the same number of hardcore players who received 8, 10 or 12 Epic vault keys if the rate was truly 10%.
Where are all these hardcore players with 8 to 12 Epic vault keys? And where are even the ones with 4-5 EVK (which should have been the majority of hardcore players reward last 2 vault event week ends). Because with a drop rate of 10%, the odds to receive 0 EVKs are extremely small. Much much smaller than to receive 4,5 or 6 EVK. So to resume, amongst all the hardcore players, we should see for the most part players who received around 5 EVKs (will check that precisely and edit in a few) *

So its impossible to put the blame on the players on this one.
The drop rate is wrong either by incompetence or by deliberate lie.
Choose the option you prefer, its one of these 2.

  • Expected probability to receive an EVK when collecting 57 VK with 10% chance for the VK to be an EVK (57 VK is the number that one of my guildmate collected and I saw several players talking about 40 to 60 VKs collected with all of them ending with… 0 EVK)

0 EVK : 0,25%
1 EVK : 1,5%
2 EVK : 4,8%
3 EVK : 9,9%
4 EVK : 14,8%
5 EVK : 17,5%
6 EVK : 16,8%
7 EVK : 13,6%
8 EVK : 9,5%
9 EVK : 5,7%
10 EVK : 3%
11 EVK : 1,4%
12 EVK : 0,6%
13 EVK : 0,24%
14 EVK : 0,08%

the group 3 to 8 Evk received is 82,1%…where are all these hardcore players with 3 to 8 EVK received?
Enough said. The drop rate was NOT 10%, very far from that. More like 0,5 to 1,5% probably. For the ones who still dont understand that after looking at this binomial probability exemple and still believe the devs and their 10% claim, well…numbers is not your main quality…maybe you rock in geography, grammar or history?


Good riddance! They are not even answering to a customer who report translation mistakes and other bugs since 2 years anyway. So no points in losing time in a casual manner here if they cant spend time here in a professional manner. I will repeat it: never ever in 40+ years of video gaming Ive seen more mediocre professional consciousness! They should be ashamed to treat their french speaking customers like that!
Is Sirrian even aware of that? What a terrible blow to the reputation of this company. Like if engaging in F2P was not already enough…


I’m not here for anything. I just like watching you flip out over a translation issue. I actually hope they don’t fix it just so I can watch you flip out with every update.

Its not totally true…you are here to write a useless and off topic post so thats already something.
If you have experience to share about devs actions and/or inactions that concern you, feel free to post them here in future. This thread is made for that.


It was looked at, they adjusted, they informed a selected group about it. Worth discussing.

The facts (current and historical) are there for each player to evaluate at will: not all customers prioritize similar aspects of the service, so surely every customer’s concerns deserve a similar space without having to tell them that they’re wrong to feel the way they do about e.g. the company’s method of communication or quality of translation?
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No, they informed a group that had asked about it.

The same if it was asked in global chat.

Would you be here complaining about it if it was answered in global and you didnt see it?

This entire thread is a witch hunt out to find any and all reasons to attack the devs.


The proper thing to do is to announce it on here, not to a bunch of brown nosing players who put the devs on a pedistal.


I honestly haven’t been paying attention to the EVK situation - too much drama and toxicity for my taste - so I have no idea if this has already been addressed, but I’d like to mention that results collected here are very possibly skewed. The people who chose to respond to the player-driven data collection are a very small sample size of the community at large. Additionally, to run a meaningful and solid test, you’d need to be able to verify the reported data.

Perhaps I’m missing something, but it seems as though angry players have gone and collected a relatively minuscule amount of unconfirmed data from players who may or may not be biased, and then assumed these results are accurate to the community at large. The devs have stated that the 10% chance was verified in the code. They have access to not only verifiable data, but also to the entire database, rather than the tiny population which was surveyed by players.

Goodness knows people will continue to rant at the devs for everything under the sun, but I just wanted to put this out there.

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There was a large sample of precommitted data - people who agreed in advance to report their results no matter what happened. The statistics that came from this exclude people who just dropped by the forum to report good/bad luck. It’s overwhelmingly statistically significant.

But yes, there’s a lot of toxicity and unwarranted attacks on the devs. You’re absolutely right about that.


I’m sorry, but the devs screwing up is routine. Paying customers can and will complain about it every time. Calling it unwarranted is a joke.


My point is when a dev sees a complaint, asks the team to look into it, and confirms the code is correct, I’m far more willing to believe the devs, who have access to both the code itself and the entire database, over a small player-run survey. I have no doubt people will complain about every single update and make a fuss whenever they experience bad RNG, but that does not mean they are justified in doing so. Yes, the devs make mistakes, and this time, they looked at community feedback and verified the code, even increasing the odds in favor of the players. Again, I’m under no delusion this will stop complaints, but I would trust the devs over raging forum players any day.

I’m a paying customer for this game as well, and will point out errors as I come across them. In this case, the error is in assuming a small portion of the population represents the entire playerbase, not the code.

I’ll give you an example of why I don’t have faith in anything these devs say/do.

Sept 22nd, Tuesday faction event is Tinker Town.

That delve currently has a bug with detect o bot. They know about it and said it would be fixed in the 5.2 update.

I do not know when that update will be, it could be tomorrow. My gut tells me it wont be until after the event.

I assume that code was tested? One actual battle tells me otherwise. There is no chance it wouldn’t have been caught. That bug is blatantly obvious. Why then would I believe their testing of the EVK code?

Idk, no disrespect to you @NerdieBirdie, I don’t dislike anyone on here. We are all getting shorted, paying players even more so.


No. Apparently from what was stated they looked at it only after the Beta Testers also reported they felt the drop rates weren’t accurate. Then, they increased the chances but chose to try and hide it from public knowledge.

You say the efforts of the forum users was a minuscle sample, and yet the sample provided by the Beta Testers is even smaller, so by any logic you chose to apply the devs should, again, disregard the same type of feedback.

So far the ONLY data we have available was provided by the players, and instead of confronting it and trying to reassure the players the devs are chosing (poorly) to go radio silent, and letting things escalate.


As far as I know, this statement is not correct. Kafka posted in the forums that the drop rates would be looked at, and adjusted if necessary. The beta testers asked if they had been adjusted, the response was yes, and so I posted as much in some other thread.