As Requested by a Dev: A Thread about Devs' Actions/Inactions

Quoting/documenting facts: feel free to ignore them if there’s nothing wrong with the facts; feel free to correct them if the facts quoted are untrue.
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I just think this thread is hilariously petty.


Chiming in to say that we can’t comment on everything, and that if we obviously are not repsonding to something it is likely because we can’t.

We used to banter a lot on these forums, but perhaps it is time to stop. I’ll hold a meeting on our side to discuss this. In the past, the banter was all in good fun, but it seems like this levity and back and forth with us is no longer appreciated. As such, I will be recommending that we stop doing it, and only give you factual information without excess personality when it is appropriate and we can. You will still be able to have access to us as more rounded representations of ourselves and the company on our live stream, where there is more nuance and context so things aren’t willfully misinterpretted as easily.

It will be less personal, and there will likely be a little less contact with us, but based on the current posts and environment in this forums I feel like this is the best way forward.


Metaphors and hypotheticals aside, I only fear one slippery slope, and it’s because I don’t know how to ski.

With where I have worked as a temp it gives me a lot of context in these situations.

I’ve been given efficiency depression over stupidity and bad decisions. I have lost more faith in the local healthcare system to the lack of math skills and comprehensive skills of the doctors than any government bill.

I have seen project leads get dragged into a more “important” project, get axed halfway through the main months long projects, then the higher ups expect that project done next week.

I’ve been yelled at by a manager of a different department for fixing their mistakes on expense reports instead of telling them the coding changes which are updated monthly and everyone has access too. This person also had their own budget to manage.

A more casual environment is always best as that goes a long way to keep people from breaking. If this was support only, then being more serious makes sense.

Honestly, the only inactivity problem to me now is the meme thread.


All this because one member on the forums has a vendetta because a Dev deleted their posts seems like an overreaction.
This thread was devoted to talking shit about the devs. It’ll continue to talk shit about the devs.
Why this thread was read by any dev is beyond me.
Alienating the rest of the community due to it will only make matters worse.
Communication has to exist for any company, relationship, friendship ect. aspect of life to be successful.
Maybe not financially, but GoW was by far at it’s heyday when Sirrian and Nim were active on the forums. Their withdrawal from it over time is understandable. One player trolling a Dev… And the Dev feeding it by reading/commenting on his trolling thread is not the same as death threats.

No one ever quit the forums or the game because a Dev was a smart ass. If they quit it’s because they feel like they aren’t heard or can’t communicate with the Dev anymore. Both you and Kafka are very much aware to an incident where I was trolled and didn’t handle it very well. I offer you both the same advice you gave me…“be the better person”.


No, there are no death threats here. But we do get them.

Unfortunately, I am observing a changing trend over time. I am not having a gut reaction to the last few posts in this thread, and am looking at a change in behaviour and noticing patterns that have been forming for quite some time.

My priority is supplying information to you all, advocating for your wants as needs as necessary and appropriate, whilst ALSO taking care of the mental health and general well being of our developers.

As such, what I wrote above is what I believe is the best way forward.


Don’t let one bad egg ruin this for all. I like kafka’s and your banters with us. It makes yall more real and actually human . We don’t want robots. Punish the ones that are doing wrong ,but don’t punish the rest for their errors or trolling behavior. That lets the trolls win . I hope yall continue to show us yalls banter and sense of humor going forward


You’re remembering the negative because human beings do that despite the overwhelmingly positive memories.
Someone who was banned from doing support tickets came on here very recently to advocate about his ban. Every single poster on the thread stood up for the devs.
It’s not your job or Kafkas to defend the company against any negative statement made on the forums.
I feel like you both try to, too much and are now feeling burnt out because of it.

Yesterday Kafka tried to offer advice about a bug. And I was a smart ass that said “I’m not new” to her help. Was that abuse or toxic of me? No, either of you would read that as “being cheeky”. And she handled the comment appropriately.
Had I said “what you think I’m stupid? Go F yourself dev!” Then she shouldn’t of commented back at all. Because you should meet force with an appropriate amount of force. And the second I took the conversation from light to abusive… The conversation should of ended in my example.

If you want to feel less inclined to participate in the forums then so be it. Many of the player base have also abandoned it over time. And I’m sure they use “toxicity” as the reason for not using it anymore.
This place can be toxic, social media can be toxic, global chat can be toxic. Hell even the “news” is toxic. The best way to deal with it isn’t to be a crusader and fight every single time someone is being toxic. Nor is it to punish everyone for a few bad eggs.
The best way to deal with it… is to ignore it and focus on the positives.
So “noticing those patterns” was ultimately where you went wrong with this.
There’s a difference between honest criticism and abusive criticism. And I believe y’all have exposed yourself way too much to the abusive garbage. I try to read every single post on the forums. I imagine you do as well. Usually within a line or two I can tell if the poster is sharing to be heard or to fuel any fire. The second I observe that they just want to watch the world burn. I stop reading their thoughts…

And if I do by mistake read everything that the troll has to say. I try to practice self control and not comment on their thoughts. Because it’ll only lead to more trouble for me. While also encouraging them to post nonsense because I acknowledged it.

Mod me up right now and I’ll be happy to delete any future post by anyone who I think is posting “rubbish”. Because if y’all can’t use critical thinking and figure out how to protect yourselves from the negative (without alienating the whole community)… Then I’ll be happy to help you by deleting all the negative shit before you get a chance to expose yourself to it.
Then if threads pop up to troll me. I’ll just ban the user and their IP if necessary.

TL:DR If a player feels I offended them. I apologise to that player. If they reject my apology or choose to still bring up the grievance on a daily basis. Then I am done communicating with that player. Not done with all players because of a few bad experiences. Just done with the player who feels that I have wronged them gravely. It happens, suck it up, and drive on.

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This - only it’s no longer funny. What may have started off with some modicum of good intention has turned into a nitpicking bitch session for a handful of disgruntled players trying to find any tiny little thing that might gain traction in fomenting discord.

I call BS on this. While ideally you are correct that anyone in a customer service/contact role should remain professional and do their utmost to remain civil when dealing with the customers they serve/represent, you’re essentially advocating here that @kafka & @Saltypatra have no choice but to take whatever belligerent, rude, obnoxious, high-and-mighty attitude & expectations we as customers dish out because it’s their job to take it. It’s ok for players to go off the deep end but the tiniest little misstep from our dev liaisons and it has to be documented ad nauseam and thrown around like they broke a law of nature? Where is your thread documenting players abusing devs? Your “facts” are all one sided, taken out of context, then blown out of proportion & hand-picked to “prove” a narrative you’re spinning. Perhaps some players need to take your advice - step back, have a drink, chill out, ponder their life decisions, find a happy place away from GoW

If this is the case and the “facts” are all around us glaring at us, then why do you feel the need to keep piling up the grievances here & rehashing them? Is the player base too stupid to see for themselves what you clearly do so you have to lead us to the only correct & obvious conclusion? News flash - you’re not a messiah leading us to a promised land.

You’ve ranted & railed against a corrupt company, incompetent/unprofessional employees, and the terrible direction GoW has been heading now for almost 6 months. Any sensible person at this point would have given up their crusade & moved on, but that’s the problem - it’s gone beyond good sense and has become an obsession, an addiction, a witch hunt. You’ve doubled, tripled, quadrupled down. You’ve failed to get anyone fired or force them to quit out of frustration. LET IT GO ALREADY!


I would suggest going back to LGOH AMT. That game seems to suit you better.

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One person attacks devs under pretense of discourse, and another asks for messiah powers. Hmm. Can’t agree with this. You’re advocating unilateral unchecked power to delete posts with seemingly no accountability. Yeesh

Yeah, coupled with that “first impression is all that matters” mentality.

You’re probably a good guy and I see some reasoned posts from you. Just to be clear I have nothing against you per se, but those two quotes above - I don’t agree with the post (that I read in full).

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I didn’t request. I very much demanded the power as an absurd option to what I felt was an absurd decision on Saltys end. Sorry that I didn’t spell that out for newer members. Nor did I voice my concern to an audience. Though I know this is a public forums. I was very much speaking to the devs and Salty in hopes of getting my point across to them.

Whether you intended it or not. Your criticism of my advice to the devs is a negative action correct? I can’t see how someone could read you taking my sentences out of context as anything but negative.

Yet the reason the devs are pulling away from the forums is because they are sick and tired of the personal negative comments. Not negatives about the game or even their company. But the practice of taking a person’s words. And twisting them to fit their narrative or opinion while also being critical of the original poster’s thoughts.

So bravo kind sir. Thank you for showing a great example as to why Salty and the gang no longer feel like they can interact with us without getting abused for it. :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:

Is this how cancel culture works? I explicitly stated I have a problem with the content of your post, and you make it personal. Victim mentality much? Once you make it personal, the rest of your post just becomes drivel.

If you have a problem with my argument, state it. But no, go for the person and try to cancel their right to have an opinion by blowing it up (crying “abuse”, threshold much?) and linking it to Salty and the gang somehow lending credence to your personalized attack.

Yes, I 100% admit this is a personalized message to you in a public forum in response to a personal attack


It’s unfortunate that it’s come to this, but this is probably a good decision. I’ve sort of been expecting the forums to be shut down completely given the climate in the past year or so. Hopefully with a little more distance, you’ll be free to ignore the bad actors.


I remember when the Russian translator was Google translate, and Sirrian was kinda pissed when he was shown.

I understand that it’s hard for the Aussie devs as they only speak English, but even their English needs work as far as using standard words or phrases to describe the same thing on multiple cards.


I totally agree with this. While I get you were trying to be friendly to all of us I always felt it wasn’t the right path to go down. The reason being is because eventually your hard work would be taken for granted.

Ultimately you answer to people who are trying to run a business. This game like anything else is a business transaction. I’ll do my own due diligence and as long as I get what I pay for when it comes to transactions and I have fun I will continue to support you guys. The game is fun until it’s not fun anymore. That’s just how life is.

I think socializing only leads to problems because what eventually happens is if you even unintentionally ignore one request the guy who made the request just takes it personally. It’s a freaking video game for crying out loud. Either play or don’t play.

It’s blatantly obvious this thread was made for the sole reason of taking potshots at you guys. Hell, after all the crying I guarantee you TC is still playing this game. Trust me, making your interactions professional with the player base from now on is not going to kill you guys or us. The guy is still going to play. You’ll save a lot of headache and the guy can continue to have his meltdowns.


Gods bless. Even when kafka and salty come and try discourse with an olive branch of gold and niceness bordering on saccharine, it becomes death by 1000 nitpicks.

At some point it becomes gnats on an open wound, crawling and festering. I’m shocked anyone would sign up for this “customer service” job willingly.

(y’alls words, not mine…bc the level of perfection being demanded is more suitable for a preacher running for the Senate of the gd country. They’re just here to relay messages, ours and everything from gow to us. And watch chat. And answer questions. And streaming. And tickets. And, … you gonna string her up for parrying repeated shit tossing with a smidge of snark?

That’s not “customer service” at that point. It’s a level of scrutiny and fine-toothed dissection that Jesus himself would fail. Maybe, just maybe, no one under the sun deserves that level of inspection. We want our devs witty, personable, and human, to come through and chat and explain things. If you want a perfect, shiny bot, that is always nice and never irritated or hurt or (gasp) wrong about something, go play with your alexa.)


If anyone doesn’t think people are leaving or just not using forums b/c of the toxicity of forums you either live under a rock or you are the problem. Wouldn’t have used as many word as @Smash, but I do agree with him. I know I used to like to post more ,but I do avoid a lot of forums b/c of toxic threads like this . Glad Smash said what the devs couldn’t. It just baffles me that people could put more energy into good things than bad things ,but choose to do stuff like this or make "vendettas " on people that are here to help. Many other gamers on other games can only dream of this kind of access to game devs or a community. Yall don’t appreciate what yall got . It’s a shame


What’s crazy is that I actually follow and agree with much of this thread. I read it just about daily. The tone is usually factual and makes a pretty good record of things that should or should not, could or could not have been done. Since, you know, these problems tend to be cyclic and show up again in a few months or years. How we handle it once can set a pretty easy and drama free way for the next time.

But then we got the few that carry screenshots in their back pocket and every time the devs fkn sneeze wrong, they threaten to pull them out, like some master magician of “omg the devs sukkkkkk lookit my screenshot from 1985!” Or are still so hurt about their ban (or missing keys, or not getting the mythic) that rather than eating it, or dealing with it, or gods forbid talking to a person in pm, they rant in public again and again.

I don’t have a solution bc even that mess is part of being human and convoluted and way beyond my pay grade. Not the kind of person I’d want to invite out for a beer, but usually ignorable. The difference being, I’m not the target of their ire. I imagine a place where we could talk about the content more and personality irritations a whole lot less.

(edited to add: i also have a butthurt ban, but i dealt with it in my own way. childish, but satisfying and not drug out into the public forums)


If you guys want change, how about some constructive ideas how to solve current issues?
This thread seems to necroing dead subjects. :zombie: :woman_zombie:

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