Any tarot released recently in the Vault?

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Last “vault” release was The Star/The Devil.

“The Magician” and “The Lovers” should be there in a couple weeks.


The Lovers – Once this Kingdom Pass ends, it will go into the Vault after 2-3 months.

Think it will be some extra time before The Lovers is in Vault.


In the (recent) past, the Tarot troop(s) from the previous campaign usually appeared in the Vault around Week 3-4 of the subsuquent campaign. So that’s probably where I’d be bookmarking my calendar pending a formal announcement from the developers.


They have at least been good about announcing in the news page as soon as a tarot card is added to the vault drop table. So when it is added it will be listed on the official news post.

from this post

The latest news is always found here so keep an eye out and they should let us know. so far they have been dependable on this at least.

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Of course, they’ve gotten confused on how to make weekly forum posts work, so who knows if it will be announced. Fingers crossed.


They might forget to post the news as a forum post but they have not been missing it on the actual news page just the auto posting of it as a post has been broken. The link I gave is the news page so that has and should remain reliable.

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Ah! Good to know. Kinda forgot the news page existed!

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the news page lists this right now it hasnt been added as a post yet.

2nd week of new campaign. Last one ended 1 week before new one.
Is there a possibility to have “The Magician” on monday?

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It’s possible. But it’s also possible that it won’t be available until Week 4 of the campaign.

For all their other informational-type failings, the developers have been reasonably good at informing us about the addition of a new Tarot troop to the Vault. Maybe only in the News posts and not something cross-posted to the Forums, but there’s usually a quick blurb at the bottom of the weekly post when it happens.


Thanks. I hope we will get it on Monday. Lots of VKs waiting. I usually wait for tarot troop and use them until I get enough copies for mythic ascension.
Next week is Broken Spire which I have 0 Mythics. The event keys that come along with those vault rewards would be great.

Is The Magician in the Vault rewards today?

Did you get it?

The lack of a statement in the weekly event post indicating The Magician being added leads me to believe that it has not. Unless somebody can prove otherwise.

Did you spent some VKs?

I won’t spend the Vault Keys until I see an affirmative message from the developers that it has been added. Or until I see evidence from the player base that it has been added despite their radio silence. I have a healthy reserve of Vault Keys from running a couple of Yawn-a-Paloozas during the previous two Vault events, but no real desire to waste them if there isn’t anything in the reward pool that I feel an urge to grab.

Unless there is a Campaign Task to swat some gnomes that I’ve yet to get to this week.

I believe that they need either to let all troops released every where once they are released in the game or they need to have a weekly update on what troops can drop in the Vault, Event Keys and other keys (Gem and Glory). There are too many players confused what released or what not.
By having a system that shows everything with clarity in the game would add lots of value and eliminate confusion such Weaver gate and other things that happened in the past and could happen currently.


Spend 69 VKs, no Magician.

I am opening VKs daily. No additional magician for me. Just 1 from the campaign.