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An Alternate Look at Campaigns

There was an old adage that “If you ain’t Infantry, you support”. To me, everything in this game is in support of GW.

 Explore gets you Medals and Stones, so your GW Troops are stronger

 Delves get you Ingots, so your GW Weapons are stronger, plus small buffs along the way

 Treasure Maps get you...not enough to be of use.

When people used to ask me, “How many alts do you have?”, I’d say “Half as many as my brother”. But then he stopped playing on his PS4. “As many as my brother.” Now he’s stopping on XBox. “Um, too many?” Without my bruh, this game won’t be as fun.

He visited yesterday in person, so we compared some final thoughts/notes on the net effect the Campaign Artifact had on GW.

I’m Snotling Paragon (Lvl 1316) three wars running, so you know I was going to go all in on Campaign. Or did I? I held off buying the 9.99 pass until week 7, because I just didn’t trust the value. And I also did not trust that I would get credit for previous weeks if I bought it later. Sorry Devs. Trust is earned. So for two wars, I did not benefit from the stat increase. I did have the fully powered artifact for the final GW.

 GW Week 6:  56,713
 GW Week 10:  57,402

Effect: Negligible.

Two others, both 1100s, did finish all Campaign tasks, relatively same skill sets and kingdom progressions.

 GW Week 6:  56,618 and 53,919
 GW Week 10:  52,952 and 52,737

Effect: Scores went down, possibly because we faced tougher opponents. Bad boards, whatnot. They did, like I stated, complete all campaign tasks.

Three others did not, all in the 1000s. One stopped at 584, one at 368, and one at 234, so all had +2 Magic Buff as opposed to the +6 for a completed Artifact. Edit: Number 3 had no Magic Buff (Awarded at 300)

 GW Week 6:  47,900  52,663  48,237
 GW Week 10:  52,105  50,900  50,004

Effect: Essentially, they all stopped at or before the “Explore Shentang 5 times”, and yet, their scores weren’t far off from the two that completed all tasks. And, facing the same competition, two players GW increased. I’m beginning to think the buff isn’t worth it.

And finally, we turn to two relatively new players, one (Lvl 500) finished at 810 tasks completed for the +6 Magic Buff, the other (Lvl 300) at 780 for +4 Magic.

 GW Week 6:  47,692  39,544
 GW Week 10:  47,605  43,993

Effect: Indeterminate. Both players most likely gained new troops in the weeks between that were far more beneficial than a few meaningless stat buffs.

In the end, I do not feel campaigning for Artifacts are worth it. I predict all 8, including the Snotling Paragon, will end with 0 campaign tasks completed.

Ever try fighting an empowered Moon Rabbit 25 times when sub-400? Even at Explore level 6, it gets old real fast. Wait until the week is over? Good luck finding 5 Gargantuar once that week passes. But like I said, if it doesn’t help with GW, what is the point? Better off spending that time doing Treasure Maps.


Back during my Warcraft days, there was a limit of 12 characters per server. So I had 11 on the Horde side of Garona, and one on the Alliance side for the Double Agent achievement. I also had a Worgen on another Server, and two Orcs and a Tauren on a third, so even if I were to take over my brother’s accounts, I suppose I could still say “Half as many as I ran in Warcraft”.

This game isn’t geared for multiple accounts. However, the best time for making an alt was four to five weeks before Zaejin, as that would allow a player to unlock Dungeons and with sufficient gems, jewels, and souls, craft Norbert’s Turnip.

That said, if any Xbox players wish to create an alt and join the Horde, we have currently have two openings. Check out my recruitment thread at: Mak'Gora anyone? Ask for invite...(Xbox 1 required)(28/30)

For the Horde

It’s always going to be a negligible boost because anyone who cares about wars will be completing campaign tasks as a high priority as soon as they can for each of the 10 weeks. So far, dungeon x 2 is the only real stall so by the time wars starts in earnest, most guys will have the artefact up to scratch. Basically campaign stats are just a means of ‘keeping up with the joneses’ in your bracket. So effectively, if your bracket is competitive, the campaign boost is practically non existent. The battles just might take slightly longer in many cases and scoring is all askew because of the combo of all the stat boosting throughout the entire game. For example, until I get 3 nysha medals, I don’t really know what my max scoring potential truly is. So for now I can just accept that predicament and wait for the golden day when I can give it everything.


While you folks were focused on your wars, I used the campaign stat boosts to help with completing pure faction delves. I didn’t have 2 Mythic medals at the time so that +6 really helped. And then it was like having a third medal after I finally grinded two.


I was able to finish Tinkertown and Stonesong Eyrie. I do think the artifact helped there, as at one point I had a troop in each delve with only 6 health. The artifact buffed +20 health.

I do wish it counted the week between campaigns.


I think the quality of your teams and your play have a much bigger impact on Guild Wars than Campaign stats. I didn’t buy the pass, and didn’t notice any difference. I did complete each week as early as possible, though.

As for Delves, I’m quite proud to have done 4 Pure Faction delves. Naturally, 4 of the easiest… All-Seeing Eye, Crypt Keepers, Primal Rift, Stonesong Eyrie. Quite a few attempts in there! Not looking forward to Fang Moor… :scream:


I totally agree that campaign stats can give you just enough faction troop boost towards the end of campaign allowing you to triumph in certain pure runs. I was hoping to get ASE finished last campaign but didn’t quite get the luck I needed. But I am sure it will happen. Not so sure about amanthrax though. GT is just too slow without potions.

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Unfortunately, I think this is probably the reason we’re getting fewer stats this Campaign.

Hoping we’ll see more stats in the future Campaigns and that they’re just kingdom-specific, but. I’m not holding my breath.

Which is sad. Because I got Sea of Sorrows and City of Thieves done Week 10, and wanted to have a decent shot at Werewoods and one other tbd faction this go-around, but it doesn’t look likely :frowning:

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I did the same and had a pretty weird revelation. While I previously attempted pure 500 every once in a while, I no longer see any point to do so outside of week 10 (and maybe 9) of a campaign. Feels like I’d be running with a handicapped team at much lower stats, where every advantage counts. Interesting side effect, campaigns actually killed a game mode for me that I previously enjoyed.


tbh, Delves is a game mode that makes itself obsolete. Once you finish a faction, you don’t ever need to touch it again (unless you want very small rewards… but even treasure hunt or arena would be more rewarding).

I never used to care about factions as they took a lot of time and I’m still grinding out several things already.

However, my focus has changed completely, and their importance has increased, with power levels 21-30. I try to complete new factions as they release, spending whatever gems I need to.

After that first campaign, I only have to catch up on 8 more and then I’ll be done them forever.

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The Artifact from last campaign gave +20 Life, +5 Armor, +6 Attack and +6 Magic. My Guild bonus is normally +4 Life and +4 Armor, but last GW we had all basic tasks complete, plus Elite Red and Purple, so, +8 Life and Armor, +6 Attack and +4 Magic. Guilds that do LT would have an additional +8 Life and Armor, as I am sure you are aware. Should I enjoy beating Delves less because I wait until GW week? The buffs are almost equal to the Artifact.


For all my talk about not doing the campaign, or collecting Orc hearts, I still feel obligated to do my part for the Horde.

Doesn’t mean I like it.

And for an Alternate - Alternate look at campaigns, I would like to compare how a 48 hour look into two campaigns differ. First, the GoW campaign:

I suppose I could be complete for the week, if I had paid attention and read the thread about Campaign tasks. As it was, I did the daily dungeons Monday and Tuesday before I found the desire to do Arena. I’ll get the PvP done later. There are Tanks that need fighting.

WoT has a Hot Wheels (Trademark, idk how to do those) theme this campaign. Don’t ask me why, some things don’t even make sense in Grosh-Nak. But after 48 hours real time, I’m 22/100 rewards in.

I started their campaign late, but they have a catch-up mechanism that allows all weeks to run concurrently. Therefore, while I have completed 3 of the 7 tasks for Week 1, tasks for Week 2 and 3 are getting done as well. Which is a good thing, in case anyone was wondering how to develop a game.

The campaign rewards have already refunded 440 of the 2000 gold required to purchase the Season Pass. It practically pays for itself by the end of the Campaign. I’m bad at the maths, or I’d state that it does pay for itself.

And that final reward?

Blue is not my color, but at least it doesn’t require a Heart of Rage to craft it.


Depends. Did you enjoy beating Delves outside of GW weeks when those didn’t yet offer any stat advantage?

I’ve attempted some pure 500 runs several dozen times, without getting anywhere close to beating them. I’ve attempted them some more times with all the combined buffs, +36 Life, +21 Armor, +12 Attack, +10 Magic. I still didn’t succeed, I got somewhat close once though.

I did enjoy attempting the impossible runs at low stats, because those low stats were the highest ones available. It was a challenge. Now the more efficiency oriented part of my brain is kicking in, telling me that the same result can be achieved much easier, about once every quarter year. The original challenge turned into a chore, I can no longer enjoy those impossible runs at the very same low stats, feels like I’m wasting my time.

It’s a bit like emptying a swimming pool, with a bucket handed out as only tool. There’s a shiny badge for getting the swimming pool empty, as the only incentive. It’s truly amazing how many people will try to get that badge, even if it means hauling buckets for days, I seem to be one of them. Now there’s a heavy duty suction pump available every once in a while. Screw the bucket, I won’t be touching it again, especially with a dozen other swimming pools still waiting to be emptied. I’ll go watch movies or try my hand at knitting till the suction pump shows up next.

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I’m also seeing another huge difference here. Apparently the Season Pass can be purchased with in-game currency, to not lock out F2P players. I can only applaud the decision to introduce exclusive content fair towards all players. And they even seem to be doing excessively well, it’s almost as if they are listening to their community and getting rewarded for it.


Are we talking about tanks or gems here lol?

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Comparing the two. The season pass in Tanks can be bought with Gold. Tanks sell Gold for real currency, just like GoW sells Gems for real currency. Both games also offer those as rewards. The difference is, I can earn enough Gold from regular Tank game play that it truly is f2p, even for the Season Pass.


I see some people struggling with the “need” to do arena runs to keep up, fomo, or whatever else drives them to compete. I said I wasn’t going to keep doing campaigns, and yet I have, on 1 account at least.

GW is not necessarily the best judge of whether these buffs make a difference. After all, not all 8 accounts listed will fight the same soldier, vanguard, herald, or even champion. A few wars back, my brother’s alt, level under 350, was a champion. That is not an indictment on our Raiders, that is a testament to his resolve. “Endeavor to persevere”.

In addition to the current Artifact Bonus (200 Stars), when GW begins again next week, I will have the following Bonus:

Kingdom: 20 15 36 31
Renown: +2 +1 +6 +5
Total: 22 16 42 36

Medals will be Orpheus and 2 Seasonal. Guild bonus won’t matter, as all 8 are in the same guild, and all 8 will max sentinels. Most will also use the same teams, so while it is possible I may receive better team bonus for pets, I would have to calculate that as I check those individual teams.

The two 1100+ Raiders currently have (167 and 68 Stars, respectively):

Kingdom: 14 11 25 21 14 10 24 21
Renown: +0 +0 +1 +1 +0 +0 +1 +1
Total: 14 11 26 22 14 10 25 22

So, my advantage over them is +8 attack, +5 or 6 magic, +16 or 17 life, and +14 armor, and yet they are often one bad board or bad beat away from taking paragon from me.

Grosh-Nak is still the only kingdom I have at Level 15. I have the deeds, but not the desire, to level more past 14. The other 2 are the same. And while I may ultimately get them the max Artifact bonus as well, I really don’t want to. Halloween Tanks have returned to WoT, and there are a few I would like to add to my collection.

There has been too much anguish. Too much pain. But I have an honorable solution. Just walk away. Stop chasing Imperial Deeds from Arena. Stop completing Campaign Tasks. Give me your guilds, and your gems. Just walk away, and I will give you safe passage through Krystara. Just walk away, and there will be an end to the horror.

Edit: It didn’t save the spacing for the numbers. Apologies. And apologies to the Lord Humungus, but Wez was right. No more talk. We go in, we kill, they kill us, we kill them. Losers…losers wait.

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