Amazon releasing 6.2 patch notes early

The big question is, is this new hero pass a new ADDITIONAL subscription that includes books in it’s rewards?

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pretty sure he means this
Free adventurers path and paid hero pass seems like. Also existing players wont get the older rewards unless we pay it seems or will have to also unlock them not sure.
(edit) NVM seems like if we purchase the hero’s pass after doing the unlocking of the free pass we get the bonus rewards for that progress we already passed.


Thanks for posting about this. 6.2 hasn’t been finalised yet and shouldn’t have gone live.

I’ve reported it to the team and I’ve given them your invite code @Westlake to see if we can allow your account to be allowed back onto version 6.1 without upsetting your account data (and to see if we can do the same for anyone else who has unintentionally ended up on v6.2 early).

We’re also following up with the team responsible for the game on the stores to see if we can have the correct version put back up.


i guess i need to be reversioned too but do i have to give up the new troop? :sob:


I got updated on my fire tablet last night so now I cant play using steam.

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Update on this:

We’re currently deploying a fix, so that players who have unintentionally been updated to version 6.2 can go back to version 6.1. This means if you’ve been updated to 6.2 on your Amazon Store devices like your fire tablet then you can go back to playing on your other devices that have 6.1 installed.

We have sent a message to make sure version 6.1 gets put back onto the Amazon store. The 6.2 update won’t be playable any more and there will be a message to go back to version 6.1 in the meantime.

You may need to reinstall on your Fire tablet once we have put version 6.1 back on the Amazon Store.

I will most likely have more news about this issue tomorrow morning (as it’s 7pm here now).

Sorry for this issue.

EDIT: You can get version 6.1 from this Help Center article in the meantime, just tag me if you need any help.


I got the new version.automatically on my Kindle but suddenly the game stopped and I got a message telling me to use the 6.1 version. Fortunately I got the Hoard Mythic but now I can’t play, the game refuses to load

my hoard mythic disappeared :sob:


The same has happened to me. Only 6.2 loading on my Amazon Fire and get the message to go back to 6.1. Ill retry tomorrow.

I got 1 Hoard Mimic and 15 tokens

If you have 6.2 and you’re being blocked, read Kafka’s post and try the fix there.

Or not. I downloaded the 6.1 APK, but when I tried installing it, my tablet just says “app not installed,” with no reason given. Maybe it doesn’t like installing an older version.

Yup game updated automatically now i cant access the game says i should be using the older version. Tried the fix refered from Kafka doesnt work… To quote the wise old hag Cher " If i could turn back time" but sadly tis not possible.

This didnt work for me kafka. Assistance maybe?

This is just them making up for the times they forgot pushing new versions to the Amazon Store for a week or two.

You probably need to uninstall the broken version before installing the 6.1 APK. Don’t do this unless you’ve registered your GoW account, written down the password and know how to restore accounts on a new devices though.


More game modes sound to me like more :red_circle: :yellow_circle: :green_circle: :large_blue_circle: :purple_circle: :brown_circle: loading screens.
No word in the patchnotes that Devs addressed this issue. so: Thanx, but: No thanx.

Lol they aren’t true patch notes. They are taken off amazons page of the game, where its advertising the latest update.

Wait for official news :+1: - Don’t look at what I post and form a full opinion, that’s why its in the spoilers section.


Bottleneck loosened!


Yeah imagine getting a lucky double or triple Nysha Token and having that multiply by 5. 5, 10 or 15 nysha tokens is a serious chunk.

Still unable to load game ,7 hours without loggong which equats to 140+ … Come on guys pull it together…

So, I hadn’t made an account when my game autoupdated on my amazon device. Will there be a rollback that fixes this eventually, or should I uninstall and lose my progress? I only had a few weeks, so it’s not the end of the world, but i would like to keep what I have if I can.