AI on Unity (Lack of Skull Baiting in GW)

I don’t know, it’s hard to explain, from what i experimented i don’t really like the sliders.

If you put priority on the blue color, wich mean you put it completely to the right. Sometime when you got another troop ready to cast, it will go for the blue insteed of doing other troop magic.

I would like more option for defense

Exemple: if gorghota is full (and no other troop are full) make your magic but we can’t do it right now and it suck cause some troop really doesn’t fit well together because of that

And sometimes, when the AI could make more damage with his magic it decide to go for skulls


I don’t know about console but on PC/mobile, Gorgotha on defense is more trouble than he’s worth. He fills up everybody behind him and then continues to cast himself over and over and over. If he’s full, the AI will always use him, even if they have a deathblow ready behind him.

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it was just an exemple now AI play him better on console

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Okay maybe I just wasn’t understanding…

That doesn’t happen on console. At the same time that they introduced the sliders, they also brought in some other AI improvements, which greatly reduced that kind of behavior. I did see a Khovash holding its spell for multiple turns the other day, but that kind of thing hardly ever happens anymore.

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i mean the other day i puted

soul dragon

and skullbeard was full the entire game and never did his magic cause i puted priority on blue and green gems so it was frustrating to see him full but still chasing gems


I think that’s why the console devs say to not put the sliders all the way to one side or the other. You get some weird behavior like that.

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to be honest i tred it different way and it was the same thing happening every time for some reason skullbeard did his first cast but didin’t want to do 1 or 2 time in a row even if other troop wasn’t full

also i don’t like to test my own team cause i tend to give it a chance to see how the AI gonna play. i would prefer to be able to see the replay against other player so i can see how my AI really react

this would also be very usefull during Guild war, i have no clue if other team lost 1 or 2 troops against my defense or if they beated me very easy


I agree, I don’t like the sliders either. For ONE reason: There is nothing on screen communicating how much your changing the AIs preference, its a guess. In addition if you move one of them all the way to either edge, you basically break the AIs ability to properly take other actions.

@beanie42 I hope the comments above answered your question. Let me add, Defend AI Priority like every new feature… is better than the old system, but its not quite “there” yet.


I agree 100%. Also, by introducing both the sliders and the “other” improvements at the same time, they made it really difficult to isolate what was affecting what. Also also, the sliders affect not only gem matching, but things like which secondary colors the Guardians will choose - a fact that wasn’t mentioned until months after the change was introduced, and then, only when someone specifically asked about it.


With a bit of luck they will give console the PC AI and not vice versa.

Boo to that idea. I’d much rather have the quirky console AI than the stale and boring PC AI.

Given the time and effort they’ve put into improving one, and the total neglect paid to the other, I think I know which way they’re leaning.

Bear in mind, when I say “AI”, it has nothing to do with the way the gems refresh, but only the decisions that the AI-controlled opponent makes when it comes to casting spells and matching gems.

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Personally I dislike the whole idea of sliders, going back to sports games like Madden NFL.

I’ve found that being able to tweak AI behavior via something like sliders ends up in spending more time on sliders and less time on playing the game.

I don’t mind having the console AI ported to PC/mobile but I’d just as soon “trust” the devs to get it right than have to deal with sliders.

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Personally, I don’t mind it. I played with the different settings and tested some teams when it came out, but aside from an hour or two then, it hasn’t eaten up much time at all. When I put a new defence team up, I spend maybe a minute or two to tweak the settings a bit, usually to decrease skulls and give a little bump to the troop that I want to fill first, and that’s it.

Does it do any good? I honestly have no idea, but it doesn’t seem to do any harm. My defence win rates have been over 50% the last few weeks and I don’t have Famine.


@htismaqe In that case, you can just leave everything set to Default and not mess with them at all. You will get the typical Defend results that your used to seeing. I only occasionally use the sliders myself.

The varied AI choices on console have always been present - ever since the game was first released. That is better as it removes the feeling of fighting an idiotic robot.

I was referring to the system as a whole, the changes have resulted in decreased player satisfaction, ultimately if it is a choice between the current console or PC systems then I would prefer the PC version… the old console AI would be preferable but that random behaviour was never intended to be coded so it is unlikely.

They wouldnt get away with introducing our AI on PC anyway.

Actually, you’ll still get the benefits of the improvements they made to spell-casting, so it should be better than you’re used to, without you having to do anything.

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The only part of that system where I don’t prefer the console version is the gem-refreshing. I don’t have the technical background to know enough about how the conversion to Unity will progress, but I imagine they will either get our system as a whole, or certain pieces of our system grafted on to theirs. For now, we wait.

[quote=“Stan, post:35, topic:24571, full:true”]My defence win rates have been over 50% the last few weeks and I don’t have Famine.


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Gem-refreshing leading to cascades I presume?

Yes, exactly.