AI getting too many drops on console, still?

Thanks for the replies.:slight_smile: But please do not nerf Famine.

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aww, i really hoped for a ‘mana drain immunity’ trait, please

it doesnt have to be mana shield…

I would rather they not adjust the Console AI before we get it on our PCs

As a 3 account holder on PC and 1 PS4…im quite excited to see the rage from PC crowd when the AI gets here. lol


Salubu does not talk krud
Famine? Maybe they’ll increase his mana cost a bit more, that’s all.

Why is this thread about Famine now? Can we please keep this focused?

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@Salibu your GW results are in line with what I’ve observed, but not quite as pronounced of difference for top Bracket players. The Unity AI decision making absolutely does make a difference, I documented the differences the best I could with actual results from the top cluster of Bracket 1. (PC vs Console)

PS to other players: I personally don’t believe the AI cheats on its gem drops.


Awesome news thanks.

There is already a Famine thread. This one is about console AI.

This is my suspicion as well. I think many of us PC/Mobile people greatly underestimate the impact of the unpredictability that comes from the less-deterministic Console AI. It’s easy to attribute this to other factors like skydrops but I suspect the root of the issue (as it were) lies in the fact that the Console AI is able to fire off more of its devestating or board-control spells than the PC/Mobile AI is, simply because it can prioritize those over “that skull match that would barely tickle Gorgotha.”

Think about the reports about Justice looping nightmares on Console. On PC, those loops would stop the moment a skull match gets priority, and even before then, the AI would meticulously clean out any potential blue 4-matches that reduce greatly its success in creating 4’s from Justice’s spell.


I agree in bulk with what you are saying here however there is always the “other side of the coin”.

As long as the game operates within a reasonable variance of accepted behaviors, then any player should be able to bring those considerations into each strategic decision.

As I see it, this expands the game overall strategy of the playfield aspect of the game in a great way. I know console people keep putting words in my mouth to the contrary, but I would actually love to see the console AI in my life on the PC. Even if that means bringing down my overall win % to boost my enjoyment of what I love, which is the deep thinking and strategy aspects of this game. One look at Joker’s Wild will tell you this.

It could be also that console players are still playing with mental artifacts of how they dealt with the old AI, and mis-interpreting normal behavior as random cheating, etc? I have no idea. When did the console AI change?

Op here… I guess my mistake was using the term “cheating”. I never believed there was intent to have the ai cheat. I only said the system was in place and maybe it was turned up for difficulty. Everyone that plays pc/mobile really has no valid argument as I do as well and the issues do not exist. I also play a couple hundred pvp matches every week and there are certainly streaks that suck, but kind of expected in a random game like this. My issue is that when I do a GW battle every single game is a streakfest for the ai. I do still win, but it’s a noticeable difference. I’m honestly baffled how many people want to assume I know nothing about statistics or RNG and the effects. Or that I don’t understand how jinx works. I play as much as many of you and probably more than most of you. I’m not saying that as a “my opinion is more valid”, I’m saying it to let you understand my knowledge of the game and its mechanics. This entire thread is about GW battles specifically. And as there are multiple posts here and everywhere about the same thing then I would say maybe, just maybe, it’s not in our heads. I am with the other poster that cannot wait for pc to get our ai. I wonder how many of those players will understand that it’s all n their heads?

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The console AI changed on the last update - the difference in the AI was instantly noticeable, both to me (at the time a level 300+ player on PS4) and my 10-year old son who was a level 20-odd on Xbox. I personally wouldn’t class it as cheating, but the level of intuition & pre-emptive moves shown by the AI currently is beyond what any human player could reasonably predict.
Having the AI make a move in the middle of the board which leads to multiple cascades at the top of the board, eventually killing your player is no fun at all. Even more so in GW when you can’t just laugh it off.
For example, I played a GW match the other day & was down to my Kerberos with 48 health & the opponents famine who had 10 health & no armour. The AI played a 3-match (not even Famines mana colour), which led to a 5, then a 4, then 4 skulls then another 4 then to 3 skulls & bam - I’m dead. From ONE 3-match. And there were plenty of 3-match options on the board, most of which were Famines mana colours.


rolls eyes and walks out shaking head

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Losing happens, I rage and then move on, complaining has done nothing this far, let’s just get this ai moved over quick so we are all in the same boat finally.

One meme…just one… (when ure sore and had enough)


Im still pissed at the ai for kicking my dog


Great, you understand RnG, you know statistics, and you’re a great player. But one of your specific claims is that you’ve been tracking everything, and we’ve asked to see what you’ve tracked. If you lied about tracking, or simply don’t want to share the information, then we are left with what we had already, opinions and no evidence. And if this is about GW specifically, based on your understanding of statistics you’ll realize that GW hasn’t been out on console long enough for you to have tracked a sample size large enough to make any reasonable assertions from. I’m trying to keep an open mind, just asking for something credible to fill it with…

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I would liken the insane cascade drops on console to closely resemble the way Treasure Hunt works. No enemy team there, but cascades do happen more often as compared to all other battle modes. I also noticed that they dry up more quickly than before in Treasure Hunt from two or three patches ago; which is around the same time the pvp defense scrip was added.

Don’t know how many other console players noticed the same. Please bear in mind, not all of us players belong to a guild with over 100 guild mastery per statue. I would think such players from said guilds really have it better than most and shouldn’t complain so much. That being said, the battles are taking longer than usual to end on average and there’s really no incentive to play as long with this game anymore. Just set your own goal and call it a day.

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I really hope I can be as cool as you one day. For someone who doesn’t like the topic you spend a lot of time commenting nonsense. I have a right to vent my frustrations and you have the right to move along. Please…use your rights.

I agree it is less predictable which could be good. Also i like how you can sort of set how you want your defense to choose what gem to go for first. That is a promising start.