AI getting too many drops on console, still?

I am sick of seeing the response from them about ai “luck”, specifically in GW, as being all in my head. Wrong. I almost never surge, I next to never get left a four or more match and my drops almost never give me extra turns. The computer? It surges on everything, matches and gets lucky drops so much that it’s just comical. It is skewed so heavily in the A.I. favor. It’s frustrating and it’s ridiculous.

And I get it…it’s supposed to be hard. Well hard I can handle. It’s hard enough when defense can be set to the best team with no color penalties. What is happening is not “hard” it’s making you lose for the sake of it. If I take a move and the AI drops half my team (and I’m in tier 2, my teams are no joke) before I get a second move and that happens every single match then there is a problem.

How about this, you set your defense team, and that’s the team you must use that day in GW? Or, how about we stop lying to everyone about the system not being broken and at least admit it. Tell me the gems are going to drop heavily against me and that’s by design. Then at least I can make a decision about playing this game or certain features with all the info. I would simply skip GW but I’m not going to punish my guild (who all are equally as frustrated) so I slog through five frustrating fights.


So, what are you honestly hoping will happen here? Given your opening sentence, it sounds like you’ve read the many other threads that start just like this one. Do you just need to vent?


It’s ridiculous to say that the a.i. gets better chance of Mana surge, “lucky drops”, and whatever else. The ai has no idea what’s going to drop and everything is truly random, and your Mana surge chances are shown, you can look up your opponents level if you want an idea of where theirs is. To your second point, the ai is horrible at strategy in this game which should more than make up for the best possible defense teams with no color restrictions. They have to match skulls and 4 or 5, spells use a formula instead of using the best one situationally if more than once is charged. They also just do random 3 matches when can cast a game winning spell occasionally. The ai does not cheat. I’ve been following this developer since the original puzzle quest. Read multiple blogs and interviews with the lead designer and he explained how the difficulty and drops work in those earlier games and this game. Again, they are random, the ai has no idea what’s coming. It tries to make the best possible move on the board x amount of the time based on difficulty.


Awwww… one day early than “scheduled”. @Lyya I was wrong, I’m guilty of recall bias but its in the other direction.


Today I had a pvp game that lasted 25 minutes.
Opposition had one troop - celestasia.
I had gard’s avatar, Bishop and mercy left.
The bastard got barrier after barrier no matter where I went on the board. And on the ultra rare occurrence I broke his barrier with skull, it left him a match 4 straight after. This happened at least 6 times in a row. This and the fact he kept self looping up to almost 400 hp at one point was driving me insane. My celestasia cast 4 times and did nothing but set up the ai. Anyway after 25 minutes I managed to get a couple of gard’s casts and a few skulls without having getting another barrier.
It was ridiculous and I’ve not had it this bad before but neither of us got any ridiculous cascades that often plague my games, he was just incredibly lucky.
I don’t think your player level might be high enough to get regular surges, you don’t say what your masteries are but I’m betting they’re not majorly high from what you’re saying.
I just wanted to share my epic battle with you. Well that was one, the other was in guild wars.
It works both ways.
Down to one courage doing 44 damage, op has all troops undamaged (paragon) with around 200 hp and hitting for 70’s damage. I managed to get courage filled then loop casted on skulls with the occasional match 4 top up to destroy every single troop without him getting another turn.
Luck was on my side that time.


First, if you have been following the devs then you know they have a system to have the game “cheat” one way or the other. They have said it in multiple threads. Second, I am level 1046 so my masteries are fine. In fact, every other battle besides GW I can expect a certain surge rate. Third, I realize the AI doesn’t use optimal strategy, but when they get drops from heaven over and over again they don’t have to. I do not have recall bias, I have tracked every GW battle since it started. It’s just simple bias in favor of the computer. Do not patronize me by coming on here and telling me I’m wrong. I still win most of my battles despite this because my teams are that good, but I would much rather have real difficulty than just losing because the ai decided it was time. And finally, yes, I wanted to vent. By all means, move on if you don’t want to read it.

In honesty I certainly hope is IS all in your head. I’m not going to enjoy this “cheating” AI system (I’d love to read that thread by the way if you have it) when the switchover happens.

You are wrong.



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From everything I’ve heard, it honestly does sound like the console AI is different from iOS/COM, but as I’ve never tried console I have no clue in what way it’s changed.

Is it cheating? Does it get an advantage? Do your flag’s colors effect droprates? Is the AI just smarter?

I, unfortunately, don’t have the answer to any of these. But it sounds like there’s been a difference long before Sirrian and the gang started handling console on top of the original. Maybe there’s some deeply ingrained coding that disadvantages the player by comparison to the phone/computer version that Sirrian and staff haven’t been able to find.

It really is quite puzzling, as there have been console players that have run statistics and they do reveal something is off, but it’s never been confirmed exactly what.

It will be when the PC and IOS versions switch to Unity… goodbye skull baiting for you guys!

Well, that’s like your opinion, man.

But yeah, I’m sure the actual stats myself and others have pulled are trumped by your overwhelming statement of fact. Sorry I bothered you.

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What was the original title of this thread? I know it couldn’t have been this click-bait heap it is now. Right?

I had just put on my robe and house slippers, sitting down to a nice glass of jack-n-coke, only to have gotten whiplash while reading the title then the original post. “What’s going on here?”, I said to myself. After taking one puff of the tobacco pipe I realized this must be a crime. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Edit: I changed the title to more appropriately reflect the issue inside. Shame on whoever changed it before. Also you should change it back to the original.


I’m not a dev, but I agree that it’s probably all in your head…

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i just have to say they do seem to get high mana surge chance even when i use famine, not to mention ive seen a match where their 10% or 15% chance to kill activates more often than my 60% mana surge. also no they didnt have jinx trait when i was fighting, even so i should still have more surges than their kill chances.

@pantenkind i do believe they have better luck chances, mainly for the sake that they do make stupid moves at time and are not able to predict drops as we are. this is how i look at the game

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I had an almost identical battle a couple weeks ago on mobile, a half hour battle against Celestastia. Does this happen to be Whitehelm/Divine week on console?


I also had a similar match in GW today against Celestasia. She kept getting barrier. I even had her down to 5 health and she powered back to over 100.

I’m waiting on those actual stats. Do you have a link to them someplace?


If you’ve tracked everything, how many skydrops have you had resulting in extra turns for you compared to the AI, which colours were they, were they horizontal or vertical, and how many of those had board manipulation (colour removal, transforms, or explorers) before that for you and the AI? If you truly have useful data, please share it, so we can understand exactly what is happening that is so odd.

I’m certain that if your level 1k+ that is hyperbole about “never surge”. But have you considered that in PvP you might see Famine from time to time? Famine’s first trait is JINX “Halve enemy (read yours) Gem masteries”.

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