A Simple Solution to Changing Treasure Hunt

Those maps have been earned through playing, so any argument that people will complain that someone has more than them is a moot point.

Anyone can obtain maps and get an abundance of them real quick.

Skeleton Key teams
Weekly troop with glory

Doomed Gavel Stormcaller

You can get 3 maps a game at times, often more with that team from cascades. I mean if you really wanted them add a 2nd Luna.

I’ve nearly got 30k of them and the problem is the reward/time ratio is too long, even though I could probably earn 60k gems by just playing maps!

I’d trade 10k maps for a book of deeds, 4 imperials and 10k souls😀

And if you could earn these, by playing your maps, would you do it ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Assuming 5 minutes for each map, it feels like there should be better rewards for playing more than 100 days without a single break. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I do the odd treasure hunt last off at night, but I wouldn’t push more than 3 a week!


Here you go with maps, I never cast a single troop other than Shahbanu and killed everything with skulls matching whilst I cast. One move by me entire game, explore 12 :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit and didn’t even bother with Gavel. :slight_smile:

So, being the only player in the GoW community that logs in each day only to play Treasure Hunt, my perspective/point of view may be off a bit. (And, I won’t attribute that to my vision impairment. :upside_down_face:)

Here are my suggested “simple solutions”:

  • Allow vaults created to be matched, with the net reward resulting in a vault key (for a three or four-vault match) or an epic vault key (for a five-vault match).
  • Add an “end map and collect rewards” feature, so that at any point during a treasure map, regardless of moves/turns remaining, a player can simply select this feature and collect their loot (based on what is currently on the board and the RNG).

Just some suggestions. :slightly_smiling_face:


Regardless of whether it was “worth it” or not, that is an impressive run. About triple of my best effort.

I like @Fourdottwoone’s idea of removing Treasure Maps from the game completely. The time investment in Treasure Hunt is more than enough to offset having no entry fee at all.

As for existing Maps, I still think they should be exchangable for a different resource in a non-linear manner.

Ironically, if you insisted on a linear exchange, the best option would be Traitstones, since those with the most maps have zero need for Traitstones! This would be incredibly cruel for end-gamers (even if it were just one of a couple of options), but brilliant for earlier-game players. :laughing:

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There are leaderboards and rewards for everything these days, except Arena and Explore, but those aren’t actual events. (I refuse to acknowledge the new Arena as an event).

Back when I used to split time between the Ranked PvP LB, and doing TH to get more gems, I’d wonder why there wasn’t a LB for TH. I don’t know how it would work, turns, points, vaults. However it would be decided, I am certain others would min/max it better than I could. But if the rewards were decent, I might try to use more maps.

I quit trying to max the PvP LB years ago, so I imagine the TH would meet the same fate eventually. But it’s always fun to see my name up in the bright lights.

If i could design it it would be:
higest score with lowest number of turns done

and only best player-score for whole week would be taken into consideration → playing multiple maps would move you up in ladderboard only if you could score more points than your best run (so at some point you would find it’s pretty improbable to beat your own score and just stop…)

But i fear that implementation would be something totaly otherwise:
Each map used would increase your total score, so the more maps you spend doing TH, the higher the score… (so basicaly ->another grind)

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So the same 10 people collecting an Orb of Power and Major Orbs each time, sitting atop the leaderboard after just 3 games and staying there?

Yean nah.

The economics of F2P games require that you put in the time to bolster the company’s engagement metric, and they rub your back with some rewards.

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i highly doubt it would look like this… besides, it doesn’t have to be Power Orb or Major Orbs → why all ladderboards have to boring and give same stuff ?
Diversity is what makes most things fun…

It’s also been proven that the wider you spread the rewards, the more people chase them.

In a sales environment, if you only reward the top 10% of salespeople, 50-70% won’t bother even trying for the bonuses. But if you reward the top 80-90%, almost everyone will work harder. In fact, the rewards can be very flat (eg: top salesperson only gets twice the bonus of the lowest rewarded) because the status itself is enough extra motivation.

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You can also reward top 50%, and that still will make 80-90% of staff to work harder.

And that’s why, when I suggested a pvp tournament event I wanted every participant to get rewarded by taking part in tournament by getting extra glory keys for each battle won.

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