A New Mythic Approaches - The Archdeva

Originally published at: A New Mythic Approaches – The Archdeva – Gems of War

New Mythic Troop: The Archdeva The Archdeva will be the only Mythic Troop available in Glory, Gem, Guild & VIP Chests for the next 7 days.

It may be an interesting troop if it was in any way reasonable to get; so its available in glory, gem, guild, vip; oh hum, open endless chests of each, nothing, nothing, but , thats the game , it nothing, nothing now.

Thousands of chests opened the past two Mythic Fridays and no mythic. I haven’t seen one in months. Sorry, but I’m done done this game. I really have no reason to continue playing if the drop rates are so bad I have no chance of ever getting anything good. The motivation to continue playing just isn’t there.

The <3 Pet news post for Switch mentioned has since been edited, but also failed to appear after clicking “Show Full Post”, as well (and was also missing half the title, as Gary indicated). I guess I wonder if this is the same.

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Did @Saltypatra ever recognized that so many of her (automatic) threads are broken?

10k guild seals this time… cheap thing…

530 gem keys, then got with 200 glory…not too bad. Limited use though I think

About 270k Glory spent and 689 Glory chests, then about 17k guild seals, and finally 400 Gem chests - got one Archdeva at last. Not that I needed another one, but it was too much nevertheless.

8000 guild seals and 3182 gem keys for one copy. I guess the game remembered that I got an orb of power from a mayor orb of chaos last week and decided that I had had enough luck already recently so this mythic had to be absurdly expensive…

So, is there a team, where Archdeva fits in or makes sense?

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I don’t see the point of the troop myself, but a very few people like it. shrug

Even with Ketras, I don’t really see the point of it. I’d rather run Sycorax with Ketras.

To me, the only way I could find a use for a dead slot (The Archdeva) is if it can help me 2 shot a full team, but somehow does it at a higher range than Phoenicia. There are other things that’ll refill Phoenicia without relying on filling 20 mana.


8k seals. Dirt cheap for me. Maybe I can build a 2-shot E12 team with it. Maybe…

I massaged the RNG with about 2000 glory keys and 200 gem keys before getting it with the first 1000 guild seals. I’m not really worried about the glory keys as long as it didn’t cost me a lot of guild seals. I’m not sure how this guy will fit in yet but he definitely doesn’t have that initial wow factor for me.

Straight in with 200 gem keys this time! :+1:

Can’t say I’ve ever had that from 5k seals :+1:


I feel like Archdeva would have to double stats, or also increase magic, or literally do any other useful thing like maintain the board or extra turn, to be worthwhile on offense, and I’ve basically no hope the computer could use it effectively on defense.

Maybe I’ll see a team this upcoming Wars that will prove me wrong? :man_shrugging:

Worth the keys expended for that unique Mythic trait, imho… plus, having both of my home kingdom’s Mythic troops feels just (and) right. :slightly_smiling_face:

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It is a good trait, especially on a looping team (and aren’t they all anymore?).

Because it’s strictly better than Jotnar’s now, I’d like to see his trait updated. Maybe “Barrier a random ally, and Freeze a random enemy” would be nice thematically (and also good as, I think, the first trait ever to buff and debuff st the same time)?