A New Mythic Approaches - Stonehammer

True, but I’m guessing this was written ahead of time, and just setup to automatically go out at 5pm AEST today. So at the time of writing the issues with guild seals and tasks was not known.

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lol good point but it’s still mean! Mean ol’Sirrian! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Confirming that Stonehammer is in chests, while Nim did pull him, I’ve seen RiverSong get it as well, so I guess people can go and use their keys if they want :stuck_out_tongue: (Since some people like waiting to confirm that they’re in chests before blowing keys)


Well, I got Stonehammer. And it only cost me 508 gem keys, 3138 glory keys, 10000 guild seals and 3150 gems… :frowning:


i really wanted to open all those guild chests “this thime” before i try to get the mythic from other means…

ive been holding my seals for few months now ! QQ (sometimes i forgot, sometimes i didnt wait for 40k and sometimes 40k was not reached) and since guild wars are incoming i want to ascend my guardians too… (but not gonna loot guardians outside of mythic exclusive 40k chest period coz of limited resources to play with…)

You should still get a chance to spend them.

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thanks :grin: allright time to fire up onto the new mythic

And the next mythic troop to blow a month load of ressources on to not get it… please just scrap guildwars already and directly proceed with the crafting patch, this is just too frustrating.



@Sirrian @Nimhain I just wanted to thank you guys for listening to us and buffing this mythic pre-release :smiley::+1: I have high hopes for it, as you know from my constant “feature request” threads asking for more dwarves and dwarf hero class, hehe :laughing:


As I’ve said previously Khaziel is on our list for Kingdom Rework (Grosh-Nak is higher at the moment though). We’ll probably include other dwarves in that as well (like Keghammer and Dwarven Slayer).



…1k seals, 2153 glory keys, 688 gem keys, 35000 glory, and 7200 gems later…

He finally arrived. :triumph:

Apparently the chance to get mythic dwarf is really low.


… You’re going to hate me for this… but it’s RNG unfortunately. 150 odd glory keys, 50 odd gem keys… nothing. 10 VIP keys… got one.

Congrats on getting him though!


Grats to you too! Yep, I’m just glad I finally got him.

It just reminded me when I chased Wulfgarok and Pharos Ra. I spent tons of keys and resources and didn’t get them. And still don’t have them.

266 gem keys, ~1600 glory keys, 250 gem keys (2250 gems), 150 Guild chests Tier 4


Burned out all of my stored keys and gems.

I nearly spit out the water in my mouth all over my computer screen!

Got him after 300 guild keys so I’m more than happy with that.


Well I got him after 1,000 glory chest keys and 5,000+ gems. I have to say, I like this mythic and am happy with the last minute buff!


2 glory keys and 2 gem keys later - nothing.

Im not joking, thats how many keys i had and opened.