A New Mythic Approaches - Ishtara


New Mythic Troop: Ishtara

Ishtara will be the only Mythic Troop available in Glory, Gem, Guild & VIP Chests for the next 7 days.

Oh hey, sometimes VIP keys do work.

2,685 glory keys, nope
400 gem keys, nope
4 VIP keys, yup

I like the art at least.


Totally looks like it belongs on the cover of the next Pokémon game.


For me, it was like:
~14k guild seals
~1900 glory keys
200 gem keys :sunglasses:

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4000 keys and 1000 was gem keys and not one mythic


501 Glory Keys
50 Gem Keys
1 Ishtara

1400 Glory Keys
200 Gem Keys
2200 Guild Seals
2 Ishtara

Now to find a build…


Exactly that happened to me the new faction wasn’t on there n just lost 4000 keys issue

You’re preying on our Neon Genesis Evangelion nostalgia, aren’t you?


A LOT, but I mean A LOT of creative work went into coming up with this troop:


Interestingly enough, Ishtara can only ever make a max of 11 Gems, while Elemaugrim can make 12 (although less as you kill off your enemies) – he still doesn’t get a lot of use, though, afaik (at least from mid- to end-game, or from anyone trying to consistently win tougher or faster battles).

Worth noting they’re both from Dragon’s Claw.

Also worth noting that there are more enemy troops that are burn immune than ally troops that are bless immune.

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8k seals. So, a month’s work. His artwork is nice. Though, I doubt it’ll see much use.

Most of us will probably see that artwork only while doing explore in dragonclaw or some adventure boards missions in dragon claw…

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A guild mate said it so well today: How is it possible to not make something better than this.

I wish I did not have to agree with him. :grimacing:



Especially so when the faction legendary cripples everything bar invulnerable, released on the same day.

Ishtara needs it’s old 3rd trait back or at least a one off self bless on itself at the start of the game, as well as the existing trait.


4000 glory keys and on the last batch of 50 they gave me two. Go figure. On the bright side I got a butt load of Mongos today!

The in-game image:


I appreciate that the text had more effort in the description than Mambasira.


After having more time to play with Ishtara, its just not fun to use.

  1. It really needs a 1 higher gem spawn added to its base to compensate for the bless drop off on cast. “Create 9 Yellow Gems.” When you’ve used Elemaugrim plenty, then compare it to Ishtara, the 1 gem matters.

  2. There’s not enough Bless support in the game to get Ishtara running comfortably. Hero banishment and Curse All options are plenty though.

  3. Using Ishtara’s bless gimmick locks other friendly troops out from casting, otherwise you lose bless. Ishtara’s current 3rd trait can’t get Bless up fast enough. Either my team suffers or Ishtara suffers, which is not exactly a fun situation to be in.

Buff initial gem creation to 9 Yellow Gems and Buff the 3rd trait to be proactive and not passive.

I want to say Bless All Allies on 4/5 match might actually be appropriate here, given that without it… your troops won’t be able to do anything for fear of making Ishtara useless. I’m already using Vanya for single target Blesses on 4/5 match and its not easy to reapply Bless to specific troops.

I don’t want to bad talk the troop for the heck of it, I want it to be useable. I ask the design team to try the troop and see if it actually feels right as is.


It’s basically the same issue with anything based on Enchanted Allies. You have to hold back spell that can help if you want a full effect. In this sense most spells that get a boost from Negative status on enemies are superior, even if we consider immunities, because you don’t need to hold back your spells that apply such Negative status.