A fix to the poison status effect!

Just a suggestion that I personally think would be best. It is based and scaled around numbers on what your hero level is at.

Hero Level:
1 - 50 = Poisoned troops have a 25 % chance to lose 1 Life every turn (and can die from it).
51 - 200 = Poison is as it currently is, like above but 50 %.
201 - 500 = Poisoned troops will lose 1 Life every turn (and can die from it).
501 - 750 = Poisoned troops will lose 1 or 2 Life every turn (and can die from it).
751 - 1000 = Poisoned troops will lose 2 Life every turn (and can die from it).
1001 - unlimited = Poisoned troops will lose 3 Life every turn (and can die from it).

Thanks for taking the time to read! :slight_smile:


If burning does 3 damage I don’t see why poison can’t do the same.

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Because poison doesn’t cleanse naturally.


Lets not forget that burning affect armor before life too, while poison only affect Life.

My opinion:

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Suggestions to change poison and burning to make it relevant again have been made countless times. For whatever reason the Devs don’t act on any of them and i think now it’s too late. The way the game is right now, no amount of buffs will make damage over time effects have any relevance, short of maybe a buff to them by 1000% when games only last 3-5 casts now anyway.


Chin up Goodwill, its never too late. :wink:

They are going to use pets to boost things like poison or burning damage.


I always have and still do think the best way to make poison relevant is to have it stack, building intensity for each additional “layer” of poison, with an upper limit of layers to prevent the likes of Euryali from being completely OP. Additionally, having it be uncleansable once it hits the max layer would help boost the underpowered Nagas a bit more, giving them their own annoying niche in the meta.

Yeah it’s a nice idea, but like @UKresistance said, pets will be introduced that increase poison, etc. damage.

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I don’t like scaling by Hero level, because nothing else works like that. Hero level already gives you stats, and things scale based on those, so changing that dynamic would be weird. In that sense, I wouldn’t necessarily be opposed to scaling poison damage by Hero Magic, but that would then be the only status effect that works like that and I don’t think it’s a good idea to go down that road.

I reeeeeeeeally don’t like this one, because it scales directly with the victim, not the caster. That’s totally backwards.

Since pets are the New Thing, that’s reasonable. Kinda shoehorning it in there, though.

This totally feels like the best of all worlds to me.


As others have already said, the devs have already stated that their chosen solution towards buffing status effects will be via pet generated buffs in the future.

So don’t need to buff status effects of any kind. This would benefit the ai way more than the player since you can put a status effect on ai troops and the very next turn it goes away but if player has them they are there until dead or cleansed.