A busy (and short!) month at Infinity Plus Two

Upcoming bug report schedule:

No 10th King Heliodor on Switch during Vault Weekend!

Feel free to add your own upcoming bug reports here :wink:

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Are we gonna see the update or the preview before the weekend ?

Upcoming bug report
Not getting cursed gnomes on switch anymore. Where did they all go?

This is also happening on Xbox

You should clarify that this only applies on what YOU or YOUR TEAM classify as “urgent”.
We’ve seen that “nothing” will happen in the past… Empty promises.
Example: [Reported] 10th crown of the day doesn't appear
Just to clarify from the side of the PLAYERS:
It is not “enough” to do a quick post, not even recognizing the existing problem and to then just “wait it out”. :wink:

…but enjoy your well deserved holidays

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To clarify, we prioritise bugs based on how game breaking/blocking they are and how many players are affected.

For a ROUGH example - sometimes the devil is in the details:

  • No one can open the game at all - everyone drops everything until it is fixed.
  • A chat portrait is missing but is in player’s collections - can wait.
  • Vash Dagon sometimes feezes the game but not every time and not for every player - can wait for a business day.
  • A scheduled event doesn’t start for everyone on Xbox - devs are called in on their day off to fix it.
  • Guild statue bonuses are being applied but the statue shows a grey bonus (inactive) not a red one (active) - can wait.

Missing rewards doesn’t block gameplay, so will often wait until a business day, although may not be true for every case of missing rewards, there may be specific cases where staff are called in. AKA it’s high priority but not everyone drop everything and come in on a public holiday to fix it because we can retroactively sort it out. But again, it depends on the details.

It can also depend on if it’s a server fix or a client fix. Server fixes can be pushed out to the live game once we’ve tested it. Client fixes need a new game version and go through the entire submission process on each platform so in that case, it would be worked on on a business day because rushing it on a public holiday won’t help get the fix pushed out to players any sooner than if we work normal business hours.

We release new game versions on Tuesdays - Thursdays in the morning here so we have staff clocked in and ready to handle any issues that come up.

We also have an Arena weekend this weekend which is an old event so carries the least risk.

Maybe if we had a large team we could look at having people working on weekends and public holidays, but we have a very small team so it’s not feasible. So we work to the best of our ability within the time we have and that does mean prioritisation of tasks and issues is incredibly important.


Fixing dungeons and dragonite before your time off?

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@Kafka Even if no one can open the game, don’t rush. After all, it is just a game. And a lot of people could probably use a break from it, so they appreciate what they have here again instead of just complaining about what they think they don’t have.

Enjoy your time off!


That’s so confusing, I wonder what you’re referring to.

I believe most of these are due to Infinity Plus Two observing Jewish holidays, there’s a number of those in Sept-Oct where work is not permitted. I forget why they do that, I think it was something about a parent company requiring it?
Only a couple of the days off are because of Australian holidays.

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Hmmm, us ‘true subjects’ (sic), have no public holidays in October.

Not just Australia. Other commonwealth countries are celebrating Queen’s birthday too. In the UK, they observe it too

This witty reply would carry far more weight if there weren’t an absolutely ridiculous number of bugs that apparently are just part of the game…that no one apparently can fix…that completely remove strategy and replaces it with luck… usually that’s bad. Save your sarcasm for the time when your game is working properly…oh wait…I see the problem…you would never be able to post again.

Well, not 100% sure, but doubtful that anybody posting in this forum has any influence on that matter. :smiley:

In the sentence above I was talking about the possibility of imminent nuclear threats.

…Sadly often it seems like the same could also be stated on the dragon part.

As a jewish from Israel, I can confirm:
25-27 September is Rosh Ha’Shana,
4-5 October is Yom Kiffur
9-10 October is Sukot
16-17 October Simhat Tora
I can assume they have jewish employee in their team

Sorry about the notification but I wanted to tell all of you to enjoy your holidays! :slight_smile: @Kafka
I messed up the reply thing

Why are you here, writing comments on a forum then?

Distraction, I guess?

I can’t influence what the insane dictator does. Just trying to live my life as long as I can.

That does include gaming and talking about game stuff with people.

My big secret is, BTW, that I can not only focus on one thing. That I’m chatting here about game stuff doesn’t say anything about what else I do. :wink:


Thats fair enough and I appreciate that distraction is of value. No such distraction for those fleeing the border to avoid conscription or those european nations that will take them under their wing. As usual, most folks who complain about this game currently play so much they havent got time to watch the news and probably arent european. Ignorance isnt always bliss

I play this game, chat in global occasionally. Check forums now and then. I also watch the news every night and read about what’s going on in the world.
Here you are once again making condescending and mean spirited comments about people you know nothing about. There is something wrong with that.
Why do you continue to play a game when you hate everything about it.? Why do you find it necessary to post unfounded comments on those that do? If people that play GoW and post in forums are ignorant i guess that makes you one of them.


Well said, couldn’t agree more.

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not agree more.

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