7.0 Update: Underspire

Thank you.

Is that next game update going to be the regular 7.1 update or will there be a 7.0.5 update in between? Any chance for some spoilers showing the improved visuals, so we can vent early? :sweat_smile:


Lots of players need traits icons. We need to know if the troop is, say, stealthy or fireproof, without checking each card. Please, consider returning them.


I like how they want players to be patient when their whole financial model is preying on their impatience.


Can the devs change the loot on several of the dragons to make it more tempting to spend the gems? Make the 3rd dragon the ascension orb, the 5th dragon the pet orb and the final boss a book (or two) of deeds tied to that kingdoms color. The orb of wisdom is a total waste.


This would be great. Really happy about the orbs of glory and imperial deeds in 1,2,4 and 6. 3 and 5, not so much.

A little thought for the future… While twenty seven eight-by-ten colour glossy photographs with circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one explaining what each one was would be a bit overkill you might try to make just a few like this

and point out and explain (with arrows and paragraphs) how new look is supposed to be functionally better because, as we notice, players clearly aren’t capable of seeing it on their own (we are on the same page about “usability and functionality” coming before “now that looks bright and flashy!”, aren’t we?).

Thanks to @Drazen here for the picture:


May as well also crosspost my mockup image, then:

I want to go into more depth than this, this was just something I could cook up in about 5-10 minutes. (Which didn’t stop me from taking the time to carefully tweak subtle things like the exact crop size from the screenshots, precisely 90% transparency on the colored rectangles, the exact scaling of the dash patterns on those circles, giving the text at least 3 proofreads … yes, I am an unapologetic nerd for presentation)


I’ve been playing with this one a bit and it sure leaves much to be desired. 3/4 times, it fills the board with a bunch of heroic gems for the enemy team, often setting up a 4 match for them too :expressionless:

Consider updating him to either spawn more gems (to make it more likely to auto match on cast) or maybe spawn fewer gems, but give him an extra turn on cast so we could try to make use of them.

ET is too op. But freeze all enemies would be good

That would help too, keep them from using all the 4 matches we setup for them :sweat_smile:

Hopefully they leave some for us :wink:

Oh i was told i was using a trash team even though i used like 8 different teams. Good to know its not just me. :face_with_head_bandage:

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Zuul’goth does Freeze/Burn to all plus 12 skulls. (And Kill, of course.)

Ctharrasque does 6 gems (each) of three different types. (And Kill, of course.)

That was always going to be a headache, even if they were ordinary gems and not the special type.

Perhaps what we need is for Ctharrasque to slap something unpleasant on all enemies in addition to the Kill, plus the “random” being changed to “Create 12 Cursed Gems OR Create 12 Faerie Fire Gems OR Create 12 Yellow Giant Gems”. Or maybe even Kill plus “choose one” now that we have Vulpacaea mechanics in the game.

It still wouldn’t guarantee that the board wasn’t a catastrophic mess for the AI to exploit, but it would reduce the odds. And if you could choose which generation was the result, it’s possible to take advantage of the current board state to try and maximize the possibility of something positive.


At this point, I feel like anything that isn’t freeze all is gonna feel unsatisfying on Ctharrasque.


Zuul is just better

probably a good thing the enemy team wasn’t using any yellow troops since it gave that team a lot of yellow giant gems.

Mercy and moon rabbit team?

sorry, I closed out after the first fight the first time around.

Blue hero
King Bloodhammer


Trick or Treat
Moon Rabbit
… where Trick or Treat dies first

The Fool
where The Fool is frozen.

Yeah… none of them are that threatening in regular pvp, so you could make most troops look good against those kinds of teams.

I’ve been holding off on making a comment in this thread, and unfortunately havent been able to read it all, due to extremely high number of posts in it.

After working through this for a full week, and seeing that we are UNABLE to complete it without puchasing torches by the bucketload, i can honestly say this mode is dead to me and an utter waste of time.

This game is supposed to be F2P, which should apply to all parts of it, but obviously this mode was NEVER meant to be F2P. I have NO plans to spend more time time on this mode because it’s a money sink pure and simple.

If it were possible to do this F2P, that would be one thing, but it’s not. To get there i need to obtain FREELY enough torches to complete it WITHOUT having to purchase any. If Valravens dropped through, randomly of course, and provided torches I’d consider putting more time into it.

I’m not holding my breath waiting for that, and I’m not wasting more time on it. Goodbye underspire.


Bosses 1 and 2 are doable without paying, and they make some resources farmable that we weren’t able to farm before, mainly imperial deeds.

Like other events, this requires us to spend gems on extra tiers so to speak. If you want to do that or not is all up to you, but I’d grab the first 2 bosses and double up on either the lesser orb of glory or the imperial deed (I’d go for this one - also gives you two EVK).