5.6 Patch Notes (Gnome-a-Palooza)

We are still working on this issue, and it’s looking like it might require a client patch, which will mean each platform needs to pass certification. :sob:

All the information above has been helpful, thank you for taking the time to screenshot and post. When I know more I will report back.


Make all the AI troops half the level or just reduce their attack by half. Problem solved with a server side update. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Remember no new bugs in GoW just new features :grin: lol
Seriously though good luck figuring this out Devs. Hopefully someone keeps the coffee pot full for yall. You can do it!


FWIW, on the xbox, the updates do not become available to everyone at the same time. Once I am aware the update is starting to roll out, I simply uninstall and reinstall the game, every time. I have not seen any manifestation of this issue. Also, I didn’t do any account relinking, just the new installation.

For the devs, this is beginning to feel like an issue with the code update. If I had to guess, most of your testing (internal or beta) is likely on a complete installation of the code. I have no doubt the update process is tested to make sure the game works post update. However, it seems like more testing should be done on a version of the code which was updated not just on a fresh installation.

Am I imagining it or has the game speed caused issues before?

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Lmao this is just sad, i can’t imagine how quickly there would be a fix and a rollback if the bug was on favor of the players.

I’ve been speaking to the team and I have a few updates regarding the double trouble AI bug.

Our team has sorted out a fix for this issue, but it will require a client update. This means it will take a while for us to make new builds and pass certification. More info coming.


Unfortunately this didnt work for me. :frowning: I tried both linking my account and loading from cloud but no luck. On Android. At least x3 speed works for me though.

Anyone found all 4 verses yet? I’ve found 3 just need the blue one. I have multiples of the others :roll_eyes:

The fact that this bug is so inconsistent between accounts and devices I can honestly see how this was missed. Very odd bug but I’m very happy with the openness of the devs on this issue


Perhaps a silly question, but is it possible to encounter the new gnomes in 5.5?

@Saltypatra how about making the gnome weekend double the normal drop rate? As a bit of compensation? Would be much appreciated

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then you haven’t been paying attention, since I posted about this a MONTH ago.

When people insist the AI doesn’t cheat

I’m beginning to wonder if we can in 5.6 now after 4 hours grinding today and killing dozens of old gnomes but not a single new one.

Hey Devs…NO ONE likes lycanthropy…Adding a howl storm is just insulting us all.


Haha true. But there are some players who got verses already. So it is confirmed for 5.6

is there seriously not gonna be an update for amazon?? its out for every platform on earth but it, why?? im a guild leader, i kinda need an update. i cant even open the game up now, just says theres a new version.

Well I just came on and got all 4 gnomes in the space of 10 mins. Good start to the vault event haha

Why I’m not surprised?


This is pretty crazy. Just finished my first one and came away with 25 vault keys, 1 epic vault key and enough verses to craft 4 more palooza. Plus they also count towards your weekend total so I have 34 vault keys all together.

Edit: it was actually 2 epic vault keys plus I can only craft 4 palooza however that’s only because of a verse 4 shortage. Verse 1 I have 8, verse 2 I have 5 and verse 3 I have 6.


This is normal and fine and does not need to be rebalanced.