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5.2 Update (Patch notes)

I think it would be cool if you could earn Tokens or Troop cards (for newbies) or Writs or something else for playing Arena.

The lack of Hero XP really does need to be made up for, somehow, and Trophies just don’t really cut the mustard (being earned from pretty much every other part of the game, and having very marginal, long-term benefits).

The other rewards from Arena, not counting Arena of Valor, can all be earned in other places at least as efficiently, if not more so. It just seems like it’s lacking a main draw card, aside from that occasional Orb of Chaos etc. from the Arena Events.


Probably worth posting a bug report. Last update, Android users had issues with troop art assets not loading and the Devs fixed it, hopefully they can do the same for you


Can you direct me to where I go, a link maybe ? TIA.

I have opened a support ticket, but I doubt they saw it yet.

I posted it in the beta testing channel, so it should be on the devs’ radar soon. (I know 5.2 is no longer in beta, but this is still a bug with 5.2—I’m calling it a legit use of my beta tester powers.)


Would be great if you could bring this in, have race name tags over each the classes in the overview menu when we choose which classes to go with. Yesterday I spent at least 5 minutes just to find the Raksha class…


Finally !!!

Nice too.

The rest is MEH…
useless mode arena remains useless AND tedious

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I’m having the same issue as well. It manifested after a second data push a few hours ago for me. I will send a support ticket also.

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I don’t even understand why devs never thought about this!

To build interesting team, you need to see in advance all available options to make best synergy possible within your team.

It’s not even that hard to be done, starting arena UI could look eg. like this:

Clicking on card would bring you card details and give you option to Select that card (what is marked with green border). Clicking Start! button without selecting 4 troops (1 from each section), would give you “You have to select one troop from each section!” error.

This is just an example, there are many ways to implement team selection in reasonable way!


Exactly what I have in my mind. Simple and it works. Just this starting screen on arena makes this update so much better than what it does now. Thanks, friend for showing this up.


They did, as we all have done just after the first Arena game. It is a no brainer.

They just opted against it as it would give a player too much control which would speed up the games and increase the chance of winning. Unfortunately, publisher’s order is to focus on monetization and slowing down the players’ progress to increase the probability of spending the real money on their game.

That’s why all this nonsense and fake news that Arena 5.2 is all about “team building”. It is not. Follow their mentality and you will come to the right conclusion.


It’s good that Arena was cut from 8 battles to 6. It’s good that you can get 50 trophies max instead of 30 now. I’m out of good things to say about the update.

It’s bad that you don’t get to use the hero anymore. It’s bad that many troops that are now available are imbalanced in this mode. It’s bad that doomskulls still appear even though they are overpowered in this mode. It’s bad that no real gameplay or team building improvements were made in this “rework” of Arena. I could go on…

The worst part is hearing that we are going to be compelled to play even more Arena as part of some future event… sigh.

20% chance for an outcome favorable to the player and 80% chance for an outcome favorable to the AI… seems about right. :wink:



I’m a little mad about this update, because I was one of those rando weirdos who would play arena. Yes it was a torture chamber. Absolutely. But for a few of us unicorns it held a certain charm!

If the implemented changes were such that it fixed the problems I’d say yay. But honestly this isn’t the case. They took a a game mode that most people avoided like the plague for reasons x y z… and They didn’t change x y or z but only changed q … which was nobodies beef. Also cutting the rewards in half. Who was asking for that?


Is there any feedback allowed for Arena?

I think Doomskulls need to be taken out of this mode. The extra +5 damage it provides just causes way too much of a swing, especially if its a cascade skull hit.

Its basically a 1 hit death on lower durability troops at full health.


I said it years ago. But it feels even more relevant now.
The rng should never let a skull cascade of 3 or more drop in succession on the board.

If skull drops end up matching whatever is on the board then so it be it.

But outside of skull or doom storms, it’s ridiculous to see 3 vertical gems replaced with a cascade of 3 skulls or more. Re-dickclueless.

So this is a pleasant little QoL update to the UI. Was it ninja-fixed, or did I just miss the official announcement?


That’s what I just asked my guild…

Definately Ninja. Unless it went unto category: “some minor-QoL-changes”

Maybe if they took the time to inform players about these positive changes the overall impression of the game’s recent developments would also be more positive. But Pyongyang is only available for comment when it comes to telling players what the team can’t do.


Community feedback usually gets bottled up, thrown into the ocean and expected to eventually reach its target audience. I guess patch details are handled the same, just the other way around. :woozy_face: