5.0 Stream Discussion thread (unofficial)

For the stats:

This is a team from the beta, different Artifact stats were active but it was a level 10 artifact. No guild tasks finished, so no stats from there. +4 magic from medals, and less kingdom stats than on the live server, because its a screenshot of a while ago.

Same team on live, with 3 Nysha medals and all ETs finished and I think I had increased Pho to Bronze since then.

For those that can work out team scores and what ETs give in relation, feel free to go ahead and do so if that helps work out if the artifact will effect it.

Realistically, I don’t like being forced to pay $50/year for the $10 pass, but I’ll grumble and probably do it anyway given the rewards.

If they get more greedy than that, then it’s worth remembering the game can be uninstalled. If pets, troops, and weapons find their way into the $25 tier then I think it’s time for a max exodus from this game. That’s where my personal line is. Even if the addiction of tribute kept me playing in spite of that, I would not even spend $10 out of resentment.

If a bunch of friends quit over the changes because their personal line is lower, that might also influence me. You can bend a branch, but bend a bit too far and it breaks.

I’ll give the devs the benefit of the doubt, but the warning light is on. This gas tank is only a quarter full at this point.


Is there anything else? The update seems to be very lightweight, I’m mostly seeing a return of the old task system, disguised as campaign. There’s also some event shuffling which may lead to a World Event, Guild Wars and weekend Delve/Invasion/Boss Raid, all running in a single week on top of campaign tasks. Not sure I feel happy about such a tight schedule.


The schedule I fully agree with and Im dreading all GW weeks going forward because of it.

But not that im aware of. Beta was for the Campaign and the tasks and thats what we focused on. We tested artifact stats and GW as well, and we done some of the ToD and World Events with them as well.

I dont think there was much more that we looked at tbh. With all betas though, its here is the thing we need testing, test that. We did just that lol, although we did discover other bugs and reported them as well

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But there is nothing more about this update, than rewards from doing tasks. So what you want us to focus on then?

You said people like to do tasks. So let’s just think a bit about campaign task: “do 50 battles with mace weapon” and for completing this task you will receive… 5 minor tratistones. You like this task, can’t wait to have it, right?

Great! Then I got a task for you! Wear mace weapon just now, go to explore 1, and repeat it 60 times with any team you want. Yay, you just finished your first task! And guess what. You just received even much better rewards from those 60 battles! Don’t need to thank me, just go and finish your next task: do 60 moves in Treasure Hunt 3 times for 2 major traitstones. If you don’t like doing treasure hunt, don’t worry. You can pay me 150 gems, and I will skip this one and give you your next task!

Sorry for being ironic, but this is seriously ridiculous.


And the really ironic part about this is, if you’ve paid $10 for the elite pass you’ll basically be forcing yourself to do these chores. Because you only get your mythic troop at the end if you’ve completed every single one of the 160 tasks, within the 10 week time frame. Total skip cost amounts to something like 12k gems, so you better grit your teeth and endure.


The devs could have been spending their time addressing player concerns, rebalancing end game, giving much needed polish to hastily released content, making the card descriptions uniform for easy searches etc… but no. They spent all their time hatching a scheme to further monetize the game by putting 100% of the new “content” rewards behind a 10 dollar pay wall.

I want to just skip the entire campaign, but doing so results in me losing up to 37 total stats in guild wars, so now I have to decide between being forced to do a weekly chore list or quitting my beloved guild of nearly 2 years.

This update is beyond disappointing. It is a nightmare for some of the most dedicated players.


One thing to remember about the time involved is that a lot of the tasks will be completed as you play other modes normally. So you can match gems, kill certain colors, use certain weapons/banners/classes, and others while playing as you normally would in pvp or events.

It is definitely going to add some time though. Making new teams, completing modes you normally wouldnt, and just interacting with the campaign to view and complete tasks will all take time.


I understand this @Redi1, but most tasks won’t be like this.

There are things devs can still change to fix current situation.

Two probably easiest solutions are (one or the other):

1) Move all unique rewards (pet, weapons, units), apart from new mythic, from elite pass to free pass. Then in place of useless rewards, add to free pass some proper rewards, at least 1k diamonds (in total, so 1/4th of a mythic), 2 imperial deeds, 2 major orbs, like 10 minor orbs, like 10 vault keys, 1000 writs, 1 guildmate gift, 1 pet gnome bait. It wouldn’t change how painful those tasks will be to complete, but at least you will get something in return for doing those! Elite pass users will still get mythic for 10$ (+some additonal minor rewards), which is very good value even for a mythic alone. Of course on top of that, they will also get all rewards from free pass.

Whoever thinks, rewards I proposed are “too good”, please keep in mind, whole campaign lasts 10 weeks + 1 week break (before next one starts), and require you to do 160, sometimes very annoying tasks!

2) Alternatively, PVP/GW shouldn’t be affected by additional stats from artifact. This way all players, who won’t buy Elite pass, could at least skip whole this campaign thing and forget it ever existed!


It wont be the players who think this is too good, i can promise you that.

It all seems to me like a thing that’s going to add more time to do things and people were already complaining about not having enough time. Maybe being able to skip to where you left off for a gem cost or whatever in delve for the Tuesday event might help with time.

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LOL. Sarcastic or not…this post got a hardy chuckle out of me!!

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Not a deadbeat. VIP 6. Still think locking immediate access to troops/pet/etc behind a $10 paywall is dumb.

The price point isn’t the problem, the mentality is. When you look at the $10 pass and see, “ugh, if I don’t buy this I’ll be behind for months/years/whatever” instead of “cool, a way to support the game and get some nice perks” there is a problem.

I agree, if you play a game for hundreds of hours you should be open to spending a few bucks. That’s why I DID. But this battlepass elite pass stuff is garbage. If you want me to buy something, excite me about it, don’t lean full-tilt into FOMO hoping that pressures enough people to buy it.


All epic tasks completed give exactly 980 score points, as do all regular tasks completed, for a total of 1960 points given from no tasks to full tasks. Equipped medals and elite bonuses on troops (as of current version, anyways) give zero score points. You also mentioned less kingdom stats, but every that every existing score bonus that coincides with stat points follows a very predictable 40 per life/armor, 60 per attack, 80 per magic paradigm. Since your ones digit is different (3 vs 0, a difference of 7 in this direction), this indicates either a big difference on levels or a difference on guild statue levels below 500, or both, as all stat driven score bonuses are multiples of 20 (40, 60, 80) and therefore do not change the 1’s digit.

Your screenshots show a 2547 score gap, so a difference of at least 587 left to explain if the artifact bonuses gave zero score. The ones digit difference is very likely to be a seven point difference due to levels (17 points is a lot more levels, as is 27, 37, etc). So you still have 580 points to go if the artifact gives zero score. If the artifact gave score according to the established parameters and the values showed off on stream, a level 10 artifact would give +20 Life, +6 Magic, +6 Attack, +5 Armor, traditionally worth another 1840 score, leaving an unexplained score gap of 2420 if the artifact gives score. A full “round” of kingdom stats (any given milestone for all kingdoms, be it level 10, level 15, five star, ten star, etc, for every kingdom in the game all at the same time) is worth 7 attack, 5 magic, 12 life and 10 armor, or 1700 score points. If we operate on the hypothesis that artifact is adding score points in the same way as other stuff that gives stats adds score points, your live account would still need to be a full round of kingdom bonuses and 500 guild statue levels and then some ahead of your beta account, or some combination thereof (like ~40 kingdom stat upgrades and 500 statue levels, or ~50 kingdom upgrades). By contrast, if we operate on the assumption that the artifact gives zero points, a 587 gap can be explained by 20 or so levels, and something like… 2 magic, 3 attack, and 6 combined life and armor, or some combination that adds up to 580 score or ~8-14 kingdom bonuses OR all or some of the 500 point guild statue deficit plus as little as one point of magic or two life/armor or some combination thereof.

Since I don’t think it is likely that you gained 40-50 kingdom stat points on your main account since the beta snapshot, it is highly unlikely that the artifact stats actually adds to team scores, and therefore should not affect PvP gold payouts.

tl;dr: Based on this information, it actually looks unlikely that artifact stats add any score points and therefore should not influence PvP gold payouts (although this works both ways, some battles will just be “tougher”, ie., take an additional cast to clear, 2 shot you instead of 3 shot, etc., with no additional payout if you don’t have the score because of this). Subject to change, obviously, as it could be considered a “bug” that they don’t give score at any point after it was tested on beta.

Regardless, gold payout formula (given what matchmaking offers regularly) is still more or less broken at the top end, so I’m glad we (probably) aren’t introducing another massive all at once bloat to the top edge of it it even further without an actual fix. I was kinda hoping the issue would have worked itself out by this point, since I kinda dropped talking about it when I heard a PvP revamp was likely and expected that to at least make this problem irrelevant (probably bringing a different problem up). While I haven’t been personally afflicted by frequent low payouts for a while because of how far “behind” I am on stats, I still think this is one of the bigger long term issues plaguing everyone in the game as it actively lessens the drive to make progress for those below, which is a very big chunk of the gameplay loop.


One other thing to remember is that the old daily task system had a lightweight version of these tasks:

  • Win 10 battles with a full Wargare team, get 10 gems
  • Open 1 event key, get 10 gems
  • Play 3 treasure maps, get 3 gem keys
  • Do 100 4-matches, get 30 gems

One free reroll each day, to get around the worst effort vs. reward offenders.

Going by the official announcement it was retired because it was too unpopular, too much effort for too little reward. Now we suddenly get the hell edition of the very same task system:

  • Win 50 battles with a full Wargare team, progress a little towards the mythic you paid $10 for
  • Play 10 treasure hunt games that need to reach at least turn 60, progress a little towards the mythic you paid $10 for
  • Craft 3 summoning stones, wasting 375 jewels, progress a little towards the mythic you paid $10 for

Not happy with the task? Pay 50 - 150 gems or forfeit all the rewards you paid $10 for, because your campaign will no longer progress otherwise. If you do persevere, congratulations, you’ve completed a humongous pile of chores for free the old task system would have valued at roughly 10k gems.

I guess we at least get to watch some spectacular fireworks in about three months when most of the players that paid $10 finally realize they need to upgrade to the $25 Elite+ Pass to actually receive the mythic they thought they would get.


Your own conclusions or your own mentaliy is nothing the devs can prescribe.

I’ve been looking at the 10$ elite pass and immediatly thought “cool, a way to support the game and get some nice perks [==> substitute perks with new troop + mythic + 2 weapons]”.

You have seen it and it seems it was “ugh, if I don’t buy this I’ll be behind for months/years/whatever” for you.

Both conclusions are OK, some will leave the game, some will stay. I personally think the majority of players will stay because the price is really OK.


You haven’t seen the cleverly hidden costs yet. Campaigns amount to the biggest gold nerf in the game history. Allow me to explain.

There’s a schedule I follow when playing GoW. I play my dungeon battles, I play my adventure board quests, I play my daily delve sigils, I play my guild event sigils, I participate in the event of the day (e.g. Wednesday pet rescue). If I have time to spare I farm a bit whatever I need, almost always gold.

Now, campaign chores require several hours each week to complete. I don’t have any extra several hours to spare, so I have to reallocate some time from the other daily stuff I do. There’s really just one option on my list I could do less off without missing out, that’s farming gold. Campaign chores don’t offer any gold, you won’t get rich by doing things like playing 10 treasure maps to turn 60+. Which essentially amounts to a choice between completing the campaign chores or getting an extra 2 million gold.

I’m sure I’m not the only one with similar time constraints. I wonder how long it will take the top guilds to notice that the whole guild fully participating in campaigns means roughly 50 less legendary tasks each week. I especially wonder how happy they will be.


Okay, I’ve been passed some information today that I think should be aired.

This post is factual.

Gems of War is now owned by Digital Bros - see this link


Note by counting the games they own 52 games.

You can get the financials off this page. One tidbit was since buying GOW, GOW increased the profit of the entire group by 7.6%.

Thought it would be worth posting and providing context to ‘leaving the lights on’.

I’m not going to comment, just leave it to fact, other than to point out the numbers are multiplied by thousands, so gross revenue is multiplied by 3 0’s…


505 games are a subsidiary of Digital Bros so they have always owned GoW.
Revenue (from GoW) for year ending June 2019 was 4.7 million euros.

Throughout their financial reports they commend GoW for its strong performance.
So i agree, it’s not about leaving the lights on, it’s corporate greed and their year on year growth targets


Actually, GoW revenue in the F2P group went up from 3,313 in 2019 to 3,968 in 2020. 19,77% increase, that’s nothing but spectacular, especially for a game already running this long. I guess when the regulars around here say “devs need to eat too” they really mean “devs should get a share of the huge profit the game they worked on is raking in”.