4.3 Update (Patch Notes)

On PC, the screenshots use Steam’s screenshot system.

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Thank you. :slight_smile:
Never used it bevore in other games. :smiley:

I thought the chat was suppose to work perfeclty?

Another suggestion, it would be nice to see who honored you


Spoils of war not showing now.


It’s not fixed on mine! @Cyrup I closed it and opened it.

Another siggestion

When we finish a pvp battle we receive a badge. I think it would be nice to see somewhere in the stats menu how many of each we got


Also we only can see how many honor we get between 2 tributes please add a way to see the total earned

First tribute i got 7 and the 2nd i got 1 but nowhere i can see i got a total of 8 honor


Based on my collected data, and Lyrian’s post, it’s safe to say all 15 rooms are in rotation, right?! Including Tower of Doom (minus all Treasure rooms) ?

Can you guys, @Cyrup, @Saltypatra and @Ozball, confirm this, please? Thanks!

One more thing...

Can you explain how Legendary Treasure room work? I get it that it will be in Guaranteed Treasure rooms rotation, but what about Potential Treasure Room? For Rare/Ultra-Rare/Epic room, mostly in corners (ex: Sea of Sorrow), or center (Hall of Guardians), it will become Treasure Room of the same rarity. But for Legendary room, which mostly only have a single room in each levels, and usually in the corners, will they all got a chance to roll the new Legendary Treasure Room? Or only a few exceptions?

When does it drop on IOS?


… Queen of Sin? :stuck_out_tongue:

Ugh. Honor. So you get rewards for being chatty and making friends. Or very slowly if someone happens to award their limited honor points to a stranger vs. someone in their guild. Then it’s displayed for everyone to see. Feels like a high school popularity contest and we all get to see who the prom king and queen will be based on their portrait flare…

Or maybe I’m misunderstanding this portion. I’m really hoping that’s the case.


You can earn honor from battles/PVP, too. It’s not restricted to chat. The honoring categories are fairly general. We will be monitoring the use of these social systems over the next few weeks extra closely and can make any changes if it works in a way that isn’t beneficial to the game.

It’s not Friday yet :stuck_out_tongue:

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At 2 honor per day, there isn’t enough to go around for that. I’m probably never giving honor for pvp battles.


Please add an option to turn off the MVP screen. I see no relevance to posting it after every single pvp match. It’s become quite irritating already.


I am whelmed.

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The initial default loading screen for GoW is now a sunken ship. :zipper_mouth_face: