4.3.5... Needed fixes that should of been on 4.3... But got 💩 instead

  • Bless should give the troop Invulnerable instead of Impervious plus Transform. Only dispell or a cast from that troop should remove it.

  • Tina - 9000 should Target 3 different troops if 3 different troops are available. (Like her spell description says)

  • If you don’t fix Blessed. Please remove “Curse” from the list of what Essence of Evil is able to do. You just made the new DE issue right after you fixed the old issue.

  • Remove “the” from this text.

    Like seriously… Hire someone to proof read stuff or to check for consistency between troops.

  • Oh! I almost forgot!
    I figured out the issue with Doom Blade. “The blue gem creation” isn’t “random” at all. Think about it. The player usually casts when they have a potential 4 match or 5 match on the board. Well, your combo breaker mechanic is made to prevent “gem spawners” from getting an extra turn too much. So the “RNG” decides if it wants to break the combo or not. Rather than just replace 1 out of all the gems on the board like it’s supposed to. That’s artificial luck. Don’t sell your players a gun that’s programmed to shoot you in the foot at least 20% of the time.
    All the Doom weapons should create one Doom skull for the weapon upgrade. Simple.

  • Not a bug, but certainly an issue.
    [Not a Bug] Ranked PvP Score/Gold
    I just made “known” issues way to easy to post for your version @Cyrup)


I heard a fix went out for this 12 or more hours ago.
From a short experience… It seems to now Target at least 2 troops… Still not 3 though.

Alright, 1 off the list, and 1 issue added. :grinning:

No love for Ubastet?


The Ubastet issue wasn’t actually a bug. And it was back when everyone was using him on defense they nerfed him and now that issue never really comes up.

It’s not a bug that he doesn’t kill the 2nd troop when Saviour triggers? If so, I will drop the topic! Didn’t know I was accidentally trolling!


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That sounds like it would potentially break the Boss Raid event, I think I can already hear Zuul’Goth sobbing.

Only dispell would remove bless.
Nothing can remove Invulnerable. So do you mean Zuul’Goth can’t instant kill troops?
Oh, every Zuul’Goth would have dispell if they made bless Invulnerable. I think at least one version already does.

Yes but in the field we call these kinds of bug “a regression”. You can’t magically say a behavior isn’t wrong because you didn’t know it was a bug at the time that version was written.

It was compiled with the knowledge it had a bug. My assumption was if Switch was getting 4.2.5, they were getting the same 4.2.5 as everyone else. Instead, it seems they’re getting “time-warped 4.2.5 as of release, you’re going to have to re-report every bug and let us track it separately so we can decide if and how we fix them”.

Why would a developer do this to themselves?

So now I guess the devs, with their copious free time, have to track 2 separate versions of the software and manage 2 separate known issues lists and 2 separate lists of what they’re fixing. After switching to Unity to solve that problem.

We already know where the Switch version’s going. It’s going to be a Hell of reporting the same issues, the fixes taking forever because focus is on the main client, the fixes not working because there’s no time for QA, etc.

There should not be two independent versions of the game. Especially when the devs are overwhelmed maintaining one.

Forgot to put it on the official list.
But nonetheless…

Now fixed.

4.2.5 is more stable than 4.3
I feel like that’s why they did it that way.
Any bugs on the Switch are 100% related to how the game interacts with the Switch. Bugs for our platforms usually effect all platforms. My brain still hurts on how Hopes Crescent was ONLY broken on Android. Thanks for picking at that scab. :wink:

Yes, but it also means there are two independent development branches. This hurts everyone in two major ways:

  1. Less time can be spent on either version, because now any important change has to be done twice. This means stronger pushback against new features until they are joined. Features like “PvP score”.
  2. It is inevitable that a dev will be working on one version for a long time, get used to the assumptions made within its codebase, then have to make a quick change in the other with the wrong assumptions and completely break it.

I like it when I know if something goes wrong the devs can focus on it. Right now, there’s a 50/50 chance any bug will be met with, “Sorry, we had to prioritize something on the other platform first.”