🔥 [30/30] Final Destination - 1M Gold 2k Seals All Tasks and Events Completed Every Week

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In 5 days, we went up another bit

Join us, and be part of building a great new guild!

We are all experienced level 1k+ players, that in less than 2 weeks collected a total of more than 28k trophies and 96LTs.

Be part of our family.

Join Final Destination!

Visit Final Destination to find out more…


If anyone wants to join us. U welcome :medal_sports::sunglasses:

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After only 3 days…

If you like to get your Guild Tasks done by Monday, 20+ LTs per week, collect all Events Rewards, and take Guild Wars seriously, join Final Destination!

We are a fast climbing new guild made up by all veteran players level 1k+.

If you are level 1k+ and can do all requirements as stated at the top of this thread, stop by our Discord server at

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Hei people. FD have spots opened if anyone is interested. We be also having a LT party this Friday. With champagne and caviar celebrating the new mythic. U welcome to join us :grin:

Just a bump for the LTs🍾


We got our first LTs myhtic since FD was formed.
Still have spots opened if any one is interested in joining. U welcome


Dear GoW players,

Final Destination has been growing steadily since day one.

We have a membership of high level players (all members at level 1k+) and would like to have you join our guild.

Our experienced players offer great team builds, an enjoyable atmosphere, and a record amount of LTs during new mythic week (last recorded number was 92LTs when The Gray King was released).

All guild tasks are done on Monday and all event rewards are received before the end of the week.

If you are a level 1000+ player, can on a weekly basis donate 1 Million gold coins, collect 1500 seals and win 200 trophies, join us!

You will be pleased by how much we can accomplish in one week!

You can contact us on Discord at:


Just a little bump :point_up_2::sunglasses:

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I’m changing my name to Mr bumper :grin:

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Here u go sunny. up u goooo :grin:


Is GW too stressful?
Do you like to have all events completed?
Have your heart set on more than 20 LTs per week?
Do you fancy a fun, friendly and helpful guild?
Are you a level 1000+ player?

If you said yes to all of the above, come join us!

We are a new, low bracket guild made up of highly experienced level 1000+ players and we have been looking for you to join us at Final Destination.

To get in touch with us, send a message to @Phantom, @Borjay or visit our Discord server at


Are you an active 1000+ level player, looking to join in a guild that gets all events completed, basic tasks done on Monday, multiple LTs, friendly and knowledgeable guildmates, all level 1000+?

You don’t need to look further!

Join Final Destination!

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New Final Destination Discord server link: Final Destination

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I may be biased, however, since starting this guild, we have never failed one time in the past year in completing all basic tasks, then basic and epic tasks (when epic were introduced) and every event (including the horrible world event). To even add a bit more advertising, we even have a crap load of LTs on the weekend of the new mythic (btw, this Friday) :slight_smile:

So, we offer the best of two worlds: lower bracket GWs (but climbing with the goal of getting to high level) for the veterans burnt out on high level GWs & all the loot for the newer level 1000 players that need it in order to level their kingdoms / troops.

We are a laid back crew from all over the globe and will help those that need the assistance. All we ask is that you meet the requirements and reap the rewards. You will not be disappointed.

If interested, just go to the Discord mentioned by @Phantom up ^^^^^^^

the friendly SG


:partying_face: Final Destination is closing on its first anniversary :partying_face:

We started as a brand new guild, from the scratch, and we have been growing steadily.
With the help of our great players we have been able, since the beginning, to:

  • always complete both Basic and Epic Tasks
  • always collect all Events Rewards
  • 27 weeks after our foundation, reach the highest possible bonus from the Guild Guardian Statues
  • 36 weeks after our foundation, reach the Guild League level God

We are an Events focused guild, with everyone doing its share of work.

Join us and be part of our family.


Just an update, about a month and a half later… :grin:


I’m looking for a good new home

Any openings?

Hi Goodhearted :wave:

Thanks for the interest, but right now we do not have any openings.
You are welcome to join our Discord Server:

Why does the invitation say link expired?