2018 in Review!


Another, to another year of streaming! (And my TERRIBLE jokes!)


Jokes are only tearable when you write them down.


I must be the least funny person in the world then. Not that that’s a surprise.


Love it!!! :relaxed:


Huh, never knew you could tear a joke. :rofl:


RIP :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe GoW is looking into using Epic Games SDK for cross-platform play?


It was my first Year with that game,
I can tell, it was everything but lame.
So many hours of gameplay were invested,
nobody could stop me, I should be arrested.

So many cool people are here to play with,
if in Forums, Chat or in Guild,
the game is for everyone, if baker, farmer or blacksmith,
so you are prepared, for your final build.

Many poor pets were catched by ugly Goblins,
but thausends of players are here, to solve this problems.
The Underworld is my absolute favourite,
still many frustrating matches forced to quit.

A funny highlight, when the developers are streaming,
saltypatra and Cyrup dressed up as witch or ghost?
people watching around the world, but they are screaming,
we love it and want to see more, it’s entertaining us the most!

A big thank you for everything, your great work and support,
please have some great holidays, which hopefully aren’t that short.
I wish you all the best for the New Year,
the Community loves you and will remain here.

M’aiq :kissing_heart:



I see 9 of the 2018 mythics every GW, and roughly the same number every day in PvP. Many of these teams use other 2018 troops as support. That is to say: the 2018 meta tears apart the 2017 meta, and roughly 2/3 of the mythics the devs released in 2018 were relevant to play.

I’m intrigued to see if they keep this up! It’ll be hard. But it’s good to think that each year the game’s playfield looks completely different.


This is awesome news! Hopefully not planned for Q4 2019.

Also looking forward to this. I get it’s tough to juggle the day to day work & deadlines with ‘socializing’ but know that an increase in interaction with the community will be welcomed by all of us!

Thanks for another fun-packed addiction-inducing year!


You do realise that it will be me spending more time with you, and roping the other devs in yeah?

Could you all handle more Salty?




Have we ever met your evil twin, MSGpatra?


Ok, i think the time is finally right for this:

Happy new year everybody! :skull:


I fixed the graphic for you guys as a new year’s gift - you did really well in the light blue part with the animal but then kinda added a lot of other stuff so I made things better.

Happy new year-in-which-Easter-is-happening!:rabbit:
Also, even if I’m not playing anymore, I sure hope that at least 70,2% of your new troops this year will be bunnies.
Just saying.