2 (so far) Useful suggestions for implementation in the future

I had a couple suggestions that i think would be very handy to players. Fell free to chime in on this as well.

Firstly, The guild roster. You can sort it by many excellent choices that are all useful. However, I feel as though something is missing, and it would go a long way towards making it an easier experience to be a guild leader. If we could sort by total contributions (the info is there already, thats’ fine), current week’s contributions (also already there) AND the total of LAST WEEK’s contributions, it would be so much easier to see who is not pulling their weight. I know we can look on sunday night or whatever, but that’s a small window for a big task, and most ppl work on monday’s making it less feasible to be up sunday night for gaming.

Secondly, challenges. The more you do, the more it becomes increasingly difficult to remember where you have completed and where you haven’t. I thought maybe you could implement a small change where once all challenges for a kingdom are completed, maybe there would be small stars (or some other icon of your choice) around the brackets for the kingdom name? It would not be at all intrusive, and would be MUCH easier to track one’s progress on challenges.
I beleive that would be extremely useful to everyone.

Any thoughts are welcomed.

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The first sounds like a guild QoL issue worthy of @ogunther’s thread, and the second a normal QoL issue that may or may not already be in @Studs’s excellent list.

I can’t figure out how to link to another thread from here :frowning:

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Click the little chain link icon on a post you want to link to, then copy the text from the box that pops up. Then, when writing a post, click the little chain link icon in the toolbar above the edit box, and paste in your link. You can type in the text you want it to display as in the “optional title” box, or you can highlight some text in the edit window before you click the chain link button to turn it into a link to whatever you paste in the link box.

Here’s a link to @Studs’ thread, and one to @ogunther’s .


Thanks @Kharybdys (for the shout out) and @Algo for the great idea. Being able to see last weeks’ stats would truly be helpful. I’ll add it to the list. :slight_smile:

I’ve added both of these suggestions to the QoL list :slight_smile:

Awesome, thank you for the consideration :slight_smile: