2 player looking for guild


We a re friends and looking for a casual guild who takes the 40k seals every week and make lots of guild task.

I start the game few weeks ago and i near lvl 500. My friend lvl more than 1100.


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If you play on PC/Mobile then Rage against the RFG would be a great fit for you both. They make 40k most weeks and finishes at least one task every. Otherwise Fear the RNG makes legendary tasks and 40k. There’s one opening for sure and may have another opening tomorrow when Requirements are due. Feel free to contact me to discuss it further.


It sure depends on the platform you’re on.
We have an Xbox guild running a very nice community.
Currently only missing one person, but that might change by Sunday.


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If you are on PC/mobile, you might want to look at the Anonymous Guardians alliance. We are a group of 6 guild, ranging from the number 1 overall guild to casual guilds…

Anonymous Guardians

The Unforgiven Family of guilds can place you if you are on Xbox.

Thanks for everyone, we find a guild :slight_smile:

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