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1000 Att and G'bye

Changed my mind and decided to play some more gems.

Hah would be a shame if Dev’s got my message too late and still delete my account anyway wouldn’t it? Then again that would also be kinda funny :grin:

Exactly why threads like this are pointless.
I’d say at least at least half the players that quit… Eventually play GoW again.


Is it though? :smirk: (god bless the edit button)

Hey let’s take what we can get:

This is one of the few threads going on right now that doesn’t have some kind of argument flaring up. And I’m in it, and awryan’s in it, and that’s kind of rare. And heck I agree with what he says, having been the guy making goodbye posts a lot of times:

The people who make big goodbye posts are usually not too happy that they’re leaving. They get some back pats and good time reminders, and a while later they come back because they felt welcomed. (“Usually” doesn’t have a real % attached to it. Some people are gone for good.)

The people who leave without saying anything? They’re gone for good. They found something to fill the space GoW used to fill and it did that so completely they don’t feel a need to make a gesture.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pat people on the back and tell them nice things when they leave. It makes them feel happy, and that is a good thing.

Let us celebrate this thread. :tada:

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You put more effort in your edit than I did, I appreciate that.

Goood boy pat pat


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He’s obviously rickrolling us.


I think Bungie did a study of this back in the height of Halo days. People that posted, ranted/raved about quitting ALMOST NERVER quit. Players that quit would just stop posting on forums and playing with zero fanfare.

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Why would anyone spend time studying that? Isn’t this a common factor spread amongst all games?

I’m leaving
Ahno please don’t <3333
k I’ll stay

That’s the 101 on quit topics right there :octopus:

It’s true with a lot of things. Most noisy people are actually hoping someone talks them out of it.

If you have a friend that’s going through a lot of trouble, and they seem to get quiet, talk to them. Don’t worry about being a pest. They need the attention more.

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Now you seem like a clever person sir Oprah.

Just kidding I know you’re Dr. Phill :purple_heart:

When you run a video game company, it is very important to understand how to react when someone posts an 8-page rant detailing how much money they’ve spent and how many of their friends are leaving if you don’t rewrite half your game to match their vision.

It turns out you make more money if you smile and point at the door than if you give them what they want.

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Almost… Actually he is a Mithran wannabee…


Can’t argue with that. So you run your own company? This topic is getting more interesting by the day :grin:

And it turns out to be a troll thread. Never saw THAT one coming…




This thread is possibly a cry for attention?


Nevertheless, another one to add to the mute pile :+1:



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