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[XBOX] Rank 39, Olympus Reborn now Recruiting 2-3 players

Rank 39, Olympus Reborn is seeking 2-3 players high-level players (1000+) who are eager to learn to be one of the best players in the game.

Requirements are currently:
1 million gold during guild wars week
850k Other weeks
1350 Seals
225 trophies

The ideal recruit would be someone who clears 1 million or more gold, weekly. We are currently completing all Basic Tasks on Monday and 4+ epic task sets weekly. During Guild Wars weeks, all tasks are completed and LTs are earned. Looking to expand rewards by adding better players.

Event participation is required for all guild events. Events are typically completed completed each week (we refuse to spend what it costs to complete the first “world event”). We are a strong Tower of Doom guild.

Communication is required. We utilize Xbox Group Messages, guild chat, and Discord for communication. Discord is not required, group messages are.

There is not a score requirement for guild wars, but all battles should be played to the best of your ability. We don’t kick people for having a bad week in wars, but gradual improvement is expected.

We are amongst the most active guilds on Xbox. If you’re tired of a dead-to-barely-breathing guild, come see what we are all about.

If you are amongst the mid-gamers who want to step up your game and be one of the best, this guild is for you. Our Discord is an extensive library, covering all topics, with team suggestions for every game mode and strategies for efficient play. We’d love to help you reach the top!

Contact GT: CanyonSurfer for more details. Serious Inquiries only.

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Awesome guild :wink:

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2 to 3 spots available this week. Contact me on XBox info. Randomly joining players must provide a gamertag upon joining to be added to our message groups.

Our guild card shows we are at 30/30, but that doesn’t mean we are full. Strong daily players needed.