[XB1] RANK #21 GUILD : Phantomkiddz is recruiting!


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2 spots available! Drama free, semi casual guild!

Come join us!

Requirements at the top of the post. Happy Gemming! :smiley:


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Currently looking for some new recruits to fill out our ranks! Semi casual, drama free guild.

Requirements at the top of the post. Come join us! :rofl:

Contact GT: Demonitus if you’re interested and can make requirements or respond here.

Thanks and Happy Gemming! :smiley:


I’d like to join. Code is Tiberius_TM4U. Pull 1500 seals per week no problem and usually over 200 trophies. Level 364. Still leveling kingdoms


Hi Tiberius! Sounds good. And the 400k a week won’t be a problem for you?


that’s like 4-5 hours of play, so no


Sounds good. Well, I can send you an invite soon, but I’m just at work right now. I should be home in about 6 hours or so. Does that work for you?