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[WIP] Daily Deals - Discussion and Critique


probably best to wait until Gems of War stuff are on sale again to get VIP on discount

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I picked up Steam Puppy for $5 on sale and it got me to VIP3, that was the best progression I got thus far in-game. It also gave pet tiers up to the orb.

They’ve removed the $5 traitstone bundle that counted as a $25-30 purchase as well on mobile but that was worthwhile for VIP tiers.

The flash offers for old event weapons are a great deal if you want the weapon, but I can’t remember offhand how many VIP points it gives you. Not a lot, but it stacks up and I was able to grab a Doomed Blade off of one and effectively save myself a year of waiting for it to show up in the forge (it still hasn’t shown up since I started playing, here’s hoping Monday’s offer is the Doomed Scythe so I have the full collection). I also usually pick up the vault keys, not a lot of points but they also add up and are decent little gem/growth orb bundles.

If you’re feeling especially spendy, the Deathknight armor stays valuable the longest.

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kinda boring. A reroll function would be swell.


They are trying to tell you to medal more of your troops. :blush:

I got 1 more Shymera today. 6 more, plus some more Brown/White foods, and I can mythic it. At least it doesn’t eat Blue…

Hungry Pets 2020-05-16

Thank you all for the VIP info. I’ll keep an eye out for those deals.

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funny enough, I did upgrade all 48 remaining commons into Bronze Elite yesterday…

Still, wish it’d sell me the Anu Medal. You know, the one that costs the most. I’m like the only person that would buy it.


Don’t do it! It’s so not worthwhile getting that.

The pets and the imperial deeds seem to be the best bang for your buck since those can’t be gotten reliably, the rest are iffy at best.

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I can’t even get pets! The 2 I need don’t block progress at the moment lol. I’d buy Imperials as well, but I’ve only seen it once so far.




At least its red, like a stop sign, as a warning.


Lol… you got Legion Booster with a discount. I just got offered it for the first time at FULL PRICE!

20 event keys = 300 gems
20 gem keys = 200 gems
20 glory keys = 400 glory

At full price, you’re saving 100 gems. With the discount, you’re saving 200 gems. Is it a good deal either way? Not really. It’s just offering things that already cost gems at a slightly lower price. Yawn.

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And people who can afford dont need the stuff anymore.
I like the new offers for Pets and (expensive but still so rare) deeds, the rest :roll_eyes:

I know this is unlikely to happen, but I’d love to have an option of “Don’t offer me this deal again”!


I’d even pay gems to remove some (most) offers.


That’s an interesting thought. To permanently remove a task from the pool, I would expect a fee of at least five times the non-discounted price of a task. But to remove a task for a month, say, maybe only half the gem cost is needed? Would it be worth “renewing” every month to get a higher density of tasks I do want?

First time I’ve gotten Aranaea for sale.

Really kills it for me that its a VIP only offer with no discount. Do I really want to pay 400 gems/2,400 gems for one epic elite troop upgrade? not really.

Like would any non-VIP player actually pay 400 gems for it?

Its technically cheaper than the World Event shop (500 Gems for number 1, 850 Gems for number 2), but that at least comes with “stuff” sometimes.

Would I pay 300 gems for Aranaea (25% off of 400)? … Not really? no?

At most I’d part with 200 gems and that’s a hard sell since I don’t like the idea of paying 1,200 gems for 1 Epic gold elite troop.

238 Epic Troops * 2400 gems (400 gems per medal and 6 to each gold elite) = 571,200 gems to buy all your upgrades.

Using the base value of 1500 gems for $99.99 = $38,080 to buy every epic upgrade. It’d be cheaper at VIP 20, but I dont have the base value for that…

Sorry, didn’t read the whole discussion. Just wondering if anyone received a pet offer for cosmestic ones?

None reported to-date. Community’s pretty confident it won’t be happening at this point, I think.


Thanks, that’s what I feel, just want to confirm.

Guys and gals, please don’t pay gems for medals, particular those below Anu and Nysha. Trust me when I say you will come to regret your decision, the other medals are so abundant in explore.