Where are the gnomes?

Seriously, where are the gnomes? Explore gnome rate is terrible and not close to the prior events. I do not recall a patch note on this.


Appearing no doubt ‘as intended’ just like AW in weavergate.
Agree the rate is awful.

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1300+ Fights, Gnome rate : %8,8

I’m averaging around 30 battles before one shows up. Then It’s almost a guarantee to be some more BS souls. By far the absolute worst “gnome event” I’ve ever had.

Equally where is the real genuine weaver gate compensation- weavergate

Do anyone know if a newest Tarror card called The Star is in the Vault drop pool?

should be tomorrow

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Nice Goodwill!

Yeah, pathetic, how can they call it gnomes gnomes everywhere? Absolute BS, they drop the rate so low as to force u to buy the verse pack, bunch of greedy fks are really pushing me away from this game. I spent so many hours and hardly got normal gnomes let alone verses, once I counted I did 50 explores and got 2 verses and 5 gnomes wtf!!!

Standard gnome chance for each battle: 3%
Vault weekend gnome chance for each battle: 3 x 3% = 9%
50 battles / 5 gnomes = 10%

You got lucky, you encountered an above average amount of gnomes.


Careful with that. It’s not been announced in the weekly event post, so it might as well just show up in a week.

I encountered a few Gnomes in the small number of battles I played a little while after reset, not including AB battles, and sometimes it seems like they’re a bit active shortly before a Gnome weekend starts… sometimes I wonder if they get the times wrong? :sweat_smile:


yep, i saw that. so, devs forgot about it or is it really not in vault? @devs

I have not spent any VK yet, but imagine for those that tried to get it - if it is not in the pool.

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Well, you know how Infinity Plus Two usually plays this:

The Star was in the drop pool, the chance to pull it was just set to 0%, so it was all working as intended and entirely your fault. Here’s a generous Flash Offer allowing you to buy extra vault keys, at 80% discount*.

*Price artificially inflated by a factor of 10 by bundling up useless junk you wouldn’t even care to receive for free.


I hope I never get to experience aiming for something that should be in the pool, but is not.

did a new topic on that now, i’m tired of finding out

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