When are we getting the paywalled Nexus Troops?

When are we getting the paywalled Nexus Troops? It’s been long enough already.

King Heliodor, Waterborn Priestess (extra copies), The Lovers.


Still quite some time before they will be available?

  • King Heliodor – He will start appearing in chests 2-3 months after the Kingdom Pass ends.
  • The Lovers – Once this Kingdom Pass ends, it will go into the Vault after 2-3 months.
    Waterborn Priestess – She will start appearing in chests 2-3 months after the Kingdom Pass ends.

It’s been 2 months. Time for an actual release date to be announced.

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Kingdom pass started on November 15th 2021 I believe?
It ENDED on December 19th.

The “2-3 months” is rather vague but still way too early.

Maybe @Kafka @Jeto or @OminousGMan could reply to this for an official response? :smile:


That’s true.

From the next friday we’ll see with all the opening for the new
mythic search if they are there the nexus troops

Maybe this is really about the need for a new pinned post of card release schedule into the economy. Why are card releases that are in the passes so vague?

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When we pay!!!

Did anyone get an answer?

They just want you to pay so you dont have to deal with any of this. That is their strategy annoy you and prey on impatience to get the most they can. I refuse to be manipulated like that. Never spent a penny and have everything i can possibly have anyway but like 1 troop maybe and some old weapons

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It has gone so long now that I forgot that these troops existed, until I saw this thread. lol

Hey all,

The Kingdom Pass event ended on December 20th, so at least another month or two to be within that 2-3 month post-event period.

But I don’t have a more specific time frame at this stage.

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

I never understood these type of answers. You work for the company, don’t you? Why don’t you have access to more definite answers??? Why is there no consistency to when troops make it into drop tables?


why isnt 1 month enough?

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Adding to this, why is there a slowly increasing delay in when troops actually make it into drop tables, for the same type of event? Take Campaigns, the paygated troops from the previous Campaign used to get added on week 3 of the next Campaign. This recently got silently pushed back to week 4, for the current Campaign it’s been moved further back by at least another week.

If this is some preparation to make currently paygated content entirely paywalled it would be nice to hear about it before both shoes drop.